2.11.X release notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.11.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-3815 Link in message is unreadable Minor Resolved Obsolete
Improvement UPM-3697 Enable disabled already-installed plugins when host license changes with embedded plugin license Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3657 Purchased Add-ons page has broken Marketplace link Critical Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3656 Only check for updates for user-installed plugins (plus UPM) when BTF Major Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3655 When license is evaluation or developer, display a banner on the purchased add-ons page, and disable the check button Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3653 When requests are disabled, in-product links lead to 403 error page Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3642 UPM Notification displays wrong number of plugins for update if plugins are updated manually Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3638 UI for managing license tokens Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3619 REST API to create / delete plugin key + token + license state triples Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3618 Modify licensing check to query MPAC for dev license tokens Major Resolved Fixed
Story UPM-3617 UPM modifications to allow vendors to test licensing scenarios in production OnDemand environments Major Resolved Fixed
New Feature UPM-3596 Allow admins to install remote plugins from URL proxied through MPAC (side loading) in OD only Critical Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3594 Hide "Purchased Add-ons" webitem when host license does not permit use Major Resolved Won't Fix
Sub-task UPM-3590 Install newly activated add-ons when UPM starts up Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3589 Don't install add-ons when in safe mode Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3545 Hyperlinks not clickable in release notes Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3543 Update FakeMAC to simulate purchase flow from MAC Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3542 Install add-ons that are added in new licenses Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3541 Listen for host license changes Major Resolved Fixed
Story UPM-3540 Install add-on flow from MAC Configure page Major Resolved Fixed
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Last modified on May 13, 2014

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