2.15.X release notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.15.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Improvement UPM-4539 create REST endpoint for triggering UPM plugin auto-update from marketplace Major Resolved Duplicate
Bug UPM-4367 UPM dumping a lot of errors in the logs when accessing the add ons page. Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4364 The OSGI tab does not work under guava 11.0.2 Blocker Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4362 StashApplicationDescriptor should use LicenseService#getLicensedUsersCount instead of PermissionService#getCountOfUsersWithPermission Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4348 UPM needs to work on platform 2.21 Blocker Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4332 After uninstalling an add-on i can still leave a star rating. This breaks the "leave review" button Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4311 Make PluginInstallException accept parameters to interpolate i18n message keys. Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4244 Plugins installed from json descriptors cannot utilize private listings Blocker Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4239 License manager doesn't allow larger add-on license to be used with Starter-licensed application Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4230 UPM is not compatible with jQuery 1.10.3 Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4227 HttpClient Connections are not being closed Blocker Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4209 Remote license details return product SEN instead of add-on SEN Critical Resolved Tracked Elsewhere
Bug UPM-4202 Connect add-on installation warning improvements Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4196 Hanging UPM dialog following mismatched "upm developer" params Blocker Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4168 When uninstalling Atlassian Connect Add-on, there is not way to submit uninstall feedback (missing button) Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4113 Invalid URI in remote plugin install should return 400, not 500 Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-4067 Auto-updates are not creating notifications Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3986 Clicking "back" in your browser doesn't change the filter dropdown Major Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3623 Remove "Your license may be invalid" error message Major Resolved Fixed

Last modified on Jan 7, 2016

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