Bitbucket Data Center and Server 8.3 release notes

2 August 2022

Introducing Bitbucket Data Center and Server 8.3.

In this release, we've added secret scanning to help you detect secrets added in new commits.

Secret scanning to notify you of accidentally exposed secrets


When your developers collaborate on code, there’s the chance that secrets such as tokens, private keys, passwords, or environment variables may get accidentally added to your repositories.

We’ve now added secret scanning in Bitbucket to help you detect when secrets are entered into the code base by mistake.

In the event of exposure, email notifications are sent out to all developers involved in the commit process so they can take an immediate action and revoke the secret. Learn more about secret scanning

Administer secret scanning

Email notification

Other changes and improvements

Diagnose and troubleshoot Bitbucket on the fly with the Java Flight Recorder

Accurately diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with Java apps can be a tough task that requires digging through gigabytes of logs to figure out what exactly went wrong. With the release of Bitbucket 8.3, we’ve supercharged your ability to identify and resolve problems as they occur by bundling Bitbucket with the Java Flight Recorder, a lightweight diagnostic tool for analyzing and troubleshooting apps at runtime.

The Java Flight Recorder collects events from the Java Virtual Machine runtime and records them in a binary file. Once a recording is available, you can use the new troubleshooting and support tools settings to include Java Flight Recorder data in a support zip archive that you can send over to Atlassian Support for assistance.

Additionally, if you’d like to have a go at resolving the issue yourself or just take a look at what’s been collected, use the JDK Mission Control app to see everything at a glance.

Learn more about diagnosing runtime issues using the Java Flight Recorder

Create repository available in default project permissions

In 8.2, we added the new Create repository permission. We’ve now added this permission to the default permissions list on the Project permissions page. Learn more about how to use project permissions

Before you upgrade to 8.3


H2 database migration requirement

To achieve improved processing speeds, we’ve upgraded the H2 database to version 1.4.200 as it supports multithreading. Version 1.4.200 of H2 doesn’t support the PageStore format – if you’re upgrading from a version lower than 8.0 and using a H2 database for a Bitbucket Mirror or Server, you’ll need to migrate the on-disk database file to the MvStore format. Learn more about how to migrate your H2 database to the MvStore format

Updates to supported platforms

Bitbucket 8.3 now includes support for running:

  • Git 2.37

Get ready to upgrade

Before upgrading from an earlier version, check out our upgrade guide and upgrade matrix. Remember to renew your active software maintenance license too. 

Renew now

As part of our new pull request experience from version 7.0 and higher, we have created a collection of new features for you to check out on one page, Enhancements to your code review workflow.

Change log

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 8.3.4

Released 24 January 2023

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 8.3.3

Released 26 October 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 8.3.2

Released 19 September 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 8.3.1

Released 21 August 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 8.3.0

Released 2 August 2022

T Key Summary

Last modified on Jan 24, 2023

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