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Xcode is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Apple platforms. This app adds a 'Clone in Xcode' button for relevant repositories in Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. It works with Xcode 10, the latest version of Xcode, announced at WWDC on 4th June 2018. 

When you browse to a repository which has Xcode workspace files, a new "Clone in Xcode" button appears in the clone dialog. This will open Xcode and set it up to clone that repository using whatever URL is active in the drop-down at the time. That means you can clone via HTTP or SSH, from a mirror or from the host, depending on what you select. After the clone completes, Xcode will open the project/workspace.

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"Clone in Xcode" is only shown for users browsing from a Mac, and only if it's been enabled. There are two ways to enable the feature:

  • Access Bitbucket Server using Xcode 10, which offers the ability to integrate with Bitbucket Cloud and Server. This will automatically enable Xcode features for the user account used.
  • Visit your account settings and toggle "Enable 'Clone in Xcode'" (Click your avatar in the upper right and "Manage account")

Once the feature is enabled, any repository which contains an Xcode project or workspace--identified by the presence of .xcodeproj and/or .xcworkspace directories/files--will display "Clone in Xcode" in the clone dialog.

Last modified on Feb 11, 2019

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