Crowd 2.7 Upgrade Notes

This document contains notes on upgrading an existing Crowd installation to Crowd 2.7 or later. We highly recommend reading through the new features of Crowd 2.7 in the Crowd 2.7 Release Notes.

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Upgrade Notes

Please read the following sections and take action where the note applies to your Crowd installation, before upgrading to the new release of Crowd.

Refer to the Crowd 2.6 Upgrade Notes

If you have not yet upgraded to Crowd 2.6, please read the Crowd 2.6 upgrade notes before upgrading to Crowd 2.7.

Apache Tomcat 7

The standalone distribution of Crowd now ships with Apache Tomcat 7.

Advance Notice of End of Support

Advance Notice of End of Support for Internet Explorer 7

We intend to end support for Internet Explorer 7 in the next release of Crowd.

Advance Notice of End of Support for Java Platform 6

This is an advance warning that future releases of Crowd will no longer be supported on Java 6 (JDK/JRE 1.6). Crowd 2.7 will still run on Java 6. We encourage administrators to upgrade to Java 7 for Crowd 2.7 to ensure a smooth transition when upgrading to future releases of Crowd.

Advance Notice of Removal of Support for Upgrading From Very Old Crowds

As part of upgrading and streamlining Crowd we are considering removing support for upgrading from very old versions of Crowd (CWD-3115). With this change, customers with an installation of Crowd 1.x would need to upgrade to Crowd 2.7 before upgrading to a later version.

Upgrade Procedure

To upgrade to the latest Crowd 2.7.x point release from any earlier version of Crowd, please follow these upgrade instructions.

Last modified on Oct 14, 2014

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