Crowd 3.2 Upgrade Notes

Before upgrading to Crowd 3.2, read the following sections to make sure you're aware of all the important changes. We highly recommend that you read about all the new features in the Crowd 3.2 Release Notes.

General changes

SSO cookie domain setting

When using Crowd SSO for multiple subdomains (* the SSO cookies are now set without the dot prefix in the cookie domain (ie. they are set for '', rather than '').

Unfortunately due to a bug in Crowd 3.2.0, if using such a configuration, you will need to change the 'SSO domain' (in Admin > General > Single Sign-On cookie settings) to not contain the dot prefix BEFORE you upgrade. If you have upgraded without changing the setting you might not be able to log into Crowd after the upgrade. Please see the workaround in the bug description in that case.

This step will no longer be necessary in Crowd 3.2.1 and newer.

WAR distribution no longer available

As announced previously, Crowd 3.2 and future versions do not include WAR distributions for Crowd and CrowdID.

Running on Solaris no longer supported

As announced previously, Crowd 3.2 and future versions do not provide support for Solaris anymore.

JSESSIONID no longer supported while REST API calls 

Since Crowd 3.2.7 JSESSIONID cookie will not be used to authenticate REST endpoints. Basic Auth or Crowd SSO Token Cookie (crowd.token_key) is used for such authentication instead.

Changes important to developers

Audit log search API changes

Due to extending the audit logging functionality to 3.2, some REST and Java APIs related to searching the audit log were changed in the following way:

  • The Java method AuditService.searchAuditLog(EntityQuery) - replaced with AuditService.searchAuditLog(AuditLogQuery) method, with a simpler and more unambiguous of passing queries
  • The Java constants related to searches using the old searchAuditLog(EntityQuery) method were removed as well:
  • The REST API /rest/admin/1.0/auditlog/search - replaced with /rest/admin/1.0/auditlog/query, again introducing a different semantic for searching for audit log changesets

Please see the REST and Java API references for more details.

Front-end development

Some pages in Crowd (currently the audit log page) now provide JavaScript polyfills. In next releases, we will include these polyfills in other pages in Crowd as well. 

If you are developing add-ons extending Crowd's user interface, you should make sure your code is compatible with the provided polyfills, and prefer using the provided polyfills to your custom ones.

The polyfills can be imported as a web resource, by adding a dependency on the "crowd.web.resources:crowd-polyfills" web resource.

Currently, this resource supplies the following polyfills:

Deprecation notices

Jive Forums importer is now deprecated

The Jive Forums user importer has been deprecated in Crowd 3.2. Jive Forums reached its end of life in 2009 and Jive Forums integration has been removed from Crowd in version 2.7.

Upgrade procedure

To upgrade Crowd from any of the earlier versions,  follow these upgrade instructions.

Last modified on Feb 7, 2019

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