Crowd 2.12 Upgrade Notes

The upgrade notes contain information about upgrading to Crowd 2.12. We highly recommend that you read about all the new features in the Crowd 2.12 Release Notes.


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Upgrade notes

Before upgrading, read the following sections to make sure you're aware of all the important changes.

API deprecations

The DirectoryMapping and ApplicationImpl APIs were marked as deprecated and will be removed in Crowd 3.0. This only impacts customers who create their own Crowd plugins, however we expect the impact to be fairly minimal. Instead of ApplicationImpl, you can use the Application interface, and for DirectoryMapping – ApplicationDirectoryMapping.

We've also deprecated the UserDeletedEvent and replaced it with the UsersDeletedEvent.

Deprecation of attributes in Directory Properties

We've deprecated synchronisation status attributes in SynchronisableDirectoryProperties, and replaced it with SynchronisationStatusManager.

Scheduled jobs are now persisted over Crowd restarts

Crowd 2.12 introduces a new scheduler implementation that persists scheduled jobs over application restarts. After startup, Crowd will no longer try to synchronize all directories, but they'll be synchronized according to their configured schedules instead. If your workflow depends on directories being synchronized at startup, you may need to update them.

Late to the party? Check the Crowd 2.11 upgrade notes

If you haven't upgraded to Crowd 2.11 yet, check out the Crowd 2.11 upgrade notes before upgrading to Crowd 2.12. Note that Crowd 2.11 is not required.


Upgrade procedure

To upgrade to Crowd 2.12.x from any earlier version, follow these upgrade instructions.


Last modified on Apr 27, 2017

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