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This documentation relates to SharePoint Connector 1.9
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23 February 2011

Atlassian is proud to present the Confluence SharePoint Connector 1.3.

This release includes a number of end user features and administration improvements. Most notably, the Confluence Page web part and Confluence Tree View web part now support web part 'Connections.' This means that you can configure the Confluence Page web part to dynamically update when a user clicks within the Tree View web part. In addition, the Confluence Page web part now displays any comments associated with that page, allowing SharePoint users to view threaded discussions happening in Confluence.

Our developers have managed to squeeze in a number of other improvements too. Better sub-folder support in the SharePoint List macro, full support for row-level security, improved handling of anonymous users in Confluence, and a nicer integrated search experience are just a handful of the extra goodies in this release.

To see the full picture, take a look at the list of improvements below.

Highlights of this release:

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Upgrading from a previous version of the SharePoint Connector

Please refer to the SharePoint Connector 1.3 Upgrade Notes for essential information about factors affecting your upgrade.


Support for Web Part Connections

The Confluence web parts now support web part 'Connections'. This allows users to browse the pages in a Confluence space without leaving SharePoint. Setting up the connection is easy – just edit the SharePoint page and use the menus to connect the web parts together.


Bring Confluence Discussions into SharePoint

A new option in the Confluence Page web part allows users to toggle the display of comments on a Confluence page within the web part. If you use comments to discuss your Confluence content, this discussion can now automatically be displayed in SharePoint.


Search SharePoint From Any Space

One of the best features of the SharePoint Connector is the ability to search Confluence and SharePoint at the same time. Prior to SharePoint Connector 1.3, you needed to use the SharePoint Decorators theme if you wanted to search SharePoint from your Confluence space. In 1.3 we've eliminated this dependency so that you can now add integrated SharePoint search to any Confluence space, regardless of the theme you're using.


Improved SharePoint List macro

SharePoint Connector 1.3 gives you more flexibility and security when embedding SharePoint lists into your Confluence page:

  • The SharePoint List macro can now display any sub folder in your SharePoint List or Document Library. Check out our guide to Using the SharePoint List Macro for more information.
  • The SharePoint List macro ({sp-list}) now fully respects any row-level permissions applied to list items and documents, offering greater security for your SharePoint content. (CSI-217)


Plenty of Improvements

Here's a selection of the other improvements in this release:

  • The Confluence Permission Checker RPC plugin is no longer required for the SharePoint Connector. The same functionality has now been rolled into the core SharePoint Connector plugin, providing a more streamlined installation and upgrade experience. (CSI-217)
  • When embedding Confluence content into SharePoint, administrators can now configure the SharePoint Connector to access the SharePoint user's email address for logging in to Confluence. This was a feature request from a number of customers who use email-addresses as login names for Confluence (CSI-285).
  • Administrators can now customize the timeout value for Confluence web service calls (CSI-60).

The SharePoint Connector 1.3 Team

Elwist Ng
Kang Leng Ong

Product Management
Bill Arconati

Product Marketing Management
Matthew Hodges

Roy Hartono
Adam Laskowski
Azwandi Mohd Aris

Team Lead
Joseph Clark

External Contributions
Atlassian gratefully acknowledges the contributions of these external developers, who contributed software patches that were incorporated into this release
Mohd Sukri (CustomWare)
Vikas Sharma

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

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