About Bitbucket Data Center

Atlassian Bitbucket is the Git code management solution for enterprise teams. It allows everyone in your organization to easily collaborate on your Git repositories, while providing enterprise-grade support for:

  • user authentication
  • repository security
  • integration with your existing databases and development environments

Bitbucket Server is built with enterprise scaling and infrastructure flexibility in mind, giving administrators control over how Bitbucket fits into their environment: 

  • For most organizations, a single instance of Bitbucket Server provides good performance. See Using Bitbucket in the enterprise for guidance on best practice in setting up Bitbucket Server in a production environment.
  • For larger enterprises that require HA and greater performance at scale, Bitbucket Data Center resources uses a cluster of Bitbucket Server nodes and is the deployment option of choice.

Your single instance of Bitbucket Server can be easily upgraded to Bitbucket Data Center when the time comes.

Performance at scale

High availability


Bitbucket Server

Bitbucket Data Center production server data reports performance data for our own production instance of Bitbucket Server.

High availability for Bitbucket describes how to set up a Bitbucket Server server in a highly available configuration.

Scaling Bitbucket Data Center describes how to tune your Bitbucket Server server to grow with your organization's needs.

Bitbucket Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center Performance reports on our performance testing for clusters of different sizes.

Failover for Bitbucket Data Center discusses how Bitbucket Data Center provides HA and almost instant failover.

Adding and removing Data Center nodes describes how you can rapidly provision extra capacity with almost no downtime.

Adding and removing Bitbucket Mesh nodes

describes how you can provision Mesh nodes to increase resiliency and performance.

Last modified on May 12, 2022

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