Support Tools Plugin

The Troubleshooting and Support Tools plugin has been developed by Atlassian Support to help you:

  • Keep an eye the health of your instance, and alert you problems with your configuration
  • Lodge a Support Request
  • Create a Support Zip, which contains configuration and diagnostic information for Atlassian Support
  • Scan your instance logs against our knowledge, to help you diagnose and troubleshoot known issues
  • Enable thread diagnostics to include additional information in thread dumps
  • Schedule automatic log scans and summaries. 

Accessing Troubleshooting and support tools

Troubleshooting and support tools can be found in your application's administration console. You'll need to be logged in as an Administrator to use it.  

  • For Bamboo go to  > Overview > Support Tools (under System)
  • For Bitbucket go to > Administration > Troubleshooting and support tools (under Support)
    For Bitbucket Mirror go to  > Administration > Troubleshooting and support tools - [Mirror] (under Support)
  • For Confluence go to   General Configuration > Troubleshooting and support tools (under Administration)
  • For Crowd (2.11 and later) go to   > Support Tools
  • For FishEye / Crucible go to   Administration > Support Tools  (under System Settings)
  • For Jira applications go to  > System > Troubleshooting and support tools (under System support)

Note on older versions

If you see Atlassian Support Tools in your admin console, you're running an older version of the Troubleshooting and Support Tools plugin. Some functionality may not be available in older versions.

Using the Troubleshooting and support tools plugin

Find out about what you can do in the Troubleshooting and Support Tools plugin:

Last modified on Feb 23, 2023

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