Bitbucket Server 4.12 release notes

13 December 2016

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide. Also, be sure to see the End of support announcements for Bitbucket Server and the changes listed in the API changelog.

The Bitbucket 4.12 changelog is at the bottom of this page.

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Performance improvements, and a special birthday

Bitbucket Server 4.12 includes several improvements to page load times and bug fixes. The focus on performance at scale continues the theme kicked off by the blog series How we built Bitbucket Data Center to scale. The series reflects on the birth of Bitbucket Data Center with a retelling of its origins and the introduction of the Elastic Experiment Executor (E3). 

About the Elastic Experiment Executor (E3)

E3 is a performance testing tool that let us spin up any configuration of Bitbucket, throw a repeatable workload at it of any desired size and shape, and observe its throughput, response times, and other vital statistics while it runs. It also allows us to take different versions Bitbucket, or instances configured with different options, and compare them side-by-side. After only a few hours the tool gives us accurate performance data that used to take days or even weeks for someone to crunch out manually.

Monitor the performance of experiments run on your instance with charts that use statistics generated by E3. Here are a few examples of charts we created using E3 (check out the blog series on for descriptions of how these charts were generated):


The overall throughput of eight different Bitbucket instances (cluster sizes ranging from 1-8 nodes) under 10 different load levels.

A breakdown of individual operations in the workload mix visually, and how much each one contributed to the overall tests per second (TPS) value.

How we built Bitbucket Data Center, a blog series

Atlassian shares all the hard work and thought put into it Bitbucket Data Center since it was first released two years ago. In this series you'll find many more beautiful charts of performance data, and links to get your hands on the E3 performance testing toolkit. If you care about the performance of your Bitbucket instance, this series can't be missed. 

How we build Bitbucket Data Center to scale – part 1 (by Richard Friend)

The Bitbucket Server Enterprise team describes some of the work they've been doing – behind the scenes – to make Bitbucket Data Center perform at massive scale. This is the first of a series of posts that describes the scaling challenge and how we measure performance and scaling.

How we build Bitbucket Data Center to scale – part 2 (by Michael Studman)

In this second part of our series on scaling Bitbucket Data Center we look at how Bitbucket protects system performance when processing Git requests and the great improvements that 4.11 brings to help customers get more out of their servers.

How we build Bitbucket Data Center to scale – part 3 (by Michael Heemskerk)

This is the third part of our series on scaling Bitbucket Data Center. Today we are looking in depth at the Git packfile transfer protocol and how Bitbucket combines its deep understanding of this with caching to optimize the memory and CPU footprint of Git requests.

Do NOT upgrade to Git 2.11+

Any version after Git 2.11.0 (including future 2.12+ releases) cannot be used with Bitbucket Server. Bitbucket Server 4.12 will fail on startup if Git 2.11+ is detected. Only upgrade to versions of Git which are explicitly marked supported on our Supported Platforms page.

BSERV-9388 - Pre-receive hooks and branch permissions reject valid pushes on git 2.11 Closed


This section will contain information about the Bitbucket Server 4.12 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Bitbucket Server software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Bitbucket Server (or Stash), check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Bitbucket Server 4.12.x releases, and are ordered by votes received.

4 January 2017 - Bitbucket Server 4.12.1

13 December 2016 - Bitbucket Server 4.12.0

T Key Summary
Suggestion BSERV-3972 Store project and repository names in git config
Bug BSERV-5429 pullrequests/diff rest call returns incomplete JSON response
Bug BSERV-8243 Cannot create personal repositories (due to lazy creation of personal project) unless user has already created a personal repository
Bug BSERV-9015 With follow.renames disabled, cannot read property 'change' of undefined when loading file history
Bug BSERV-9156 client-web-fragment <condition>s don't run after first page load.
Bug BSERV-5224 Expanding diff views down does not show end of file on first click
Bug BSERV-7994 File browser sort order inconsistent
Bug BSERV-8514 Missing Overview tab warning about conflicts in Pull Request when page loaded on Diff tab
Bug BSERV-8342 Syntax highlighting is broken for some Java keywords
Bug BSERV-8163 Saving Raw file from source view always downloads as .txt by default
Bug BSERV-8713 Browser history on the `repos/<repo>/branches` is inconsistent.
Bug BSERV-7964 Malformed JSON should return HTTP 400, not HTTP 500
Bug BSERV-9380 Upgrade from Stash 2.11 and lower to 3.9 - 4.11 does not set correct service user label for migrated access keys
Bug BSERV-9342 PR Commits tab doesn't respect Cmd/Ctrl click to open in a new window
Bug BSERV-9392 Permission issue when configuring Default Reviewers
Bug BSERV-9349 Pull request phrasing in Japanese localisation is inconsistent
Bug BSERV-9368 Access to /projects can be slow for large project counts
Bug BSERV-9364 Performance improvements for Dashboard page load
Bug BSERV-9367 HomeController bottleneck when 20,000 repositories
Bug BSERV-9354 "Learn More" link on the Default Reviewers page is incorrect
Bug BSERV-9280 Bitbucket Server does not trigger Bamboo builds due to lack of SNI support
Bug BSERV-9295 Merged directory paths are not sorted alphabetically
Bug BSERV-9296 Dashboard > NoDefaultBranchException if displayed repository doesn't contain default branch
Bug BSERV-9249 Bitbucket Server may leak SSH sessions under some conditions
Bug BSERV-8989 When you comment on a commit in a PR, you're made a watcher of the commit
Bug BSERV-9227 Standalone Server instances sometimes attempt to form a cluster and log error messages
Bug BSERV-8793 Pull request information truncates commit messages
Bug BSERV-8701 Mail server password lost when entered with bad email address

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