Stash 3.0 release notes

20 May 2014

Introducing Stash 3.0

Today we're delighted to announce Stash 3.0, the first new major release of Stash in over a year.

Stash 3.0 brings an overhaul of the product navigation, a new way to compare branches, internationalization, and a public JavaScript API for plugin developers. Note in particular that Java 6 is no longer supported, and that previously deprecated APIs have been removed (with possible consequences for plugin compatibility) – add-on developers will be interested in the API changelog.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Stash, please read the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

Please also check the End of support announcements.

The Stash 3.0 changelog is at the bottom of this page.

Webcam captured avatars

With Stash 2.12 we introduced custom avatar images, allowing you to upload an image to your profile. Now, with Stash 3.0, we've made it possible to use your webcam to capture an avatar image directly from your Account settings in Stash. Looking good!

Sidebar redesign

We've undertaken a major rework of the navigation for Stash 3.0.

Now, the Actions and Navigation items all live vertically in the lefthand sidebar, where it is much easier to find them. Note that Files has been renamed as Source.


Click anywhere in the sidebar, or press [, to collapse or expand it.

When the repositories sidebar is collapsed, the Actions items become available from the menu:


Branch comparisons

Now you can compare the changes between two branches, even before you start creating a pull request. 

Simply click on a branch name in the Branches tab list or choose Compare from the branch actions menu on the Source, Commits or Branches screen. Then, use the project and branch pickers to choose the branches (that you have permission to see) to compare. 

  • The Diff tab shows the changes in the source branch that are not yet in the destination branch.
  • The Commits tab shows commits on the source branch that have not yet been merged to the destination branch.

These views are very similar to those for pull requests in Stash, including the option for displaying side-by-side or unified diffs:

Furthermore, when you begin creation of a pull request from the Compare screen (using the Create pull request action in the sidebar), the branches that you are comparing are automatically used to populate the source and destination branches for the pull request.

Read more about pull requests in Stash...

Add-on and plugin compatibility in Stash 3.0

The interfaces in the  Stash   API  for plugin developers that were  deprecated  in the  Stash  2.11 and earlier releases have been  removed in Stash 3.0. This means that, unless they have been updated to work with  Stash  3.0, existing  Stash  add-ons (plugins)  that use these interfaces  will not work with Stash 3.0

In particular, please note that your custom local plugins may be affected by these API removals when you upgrade to Stash 3.0. You will need to update your custom plugins if you want those to work with Stash 3.0.

See the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide for details...

New Stash JavaScript API documentation

We've published documentation for the JavaScript API for use in building your Stash plugin's UI and browser behavior. We know that plenty of developers were already using these utilities, so we're pleased to provide support for them through our compatibility policy. And yes, we're going to be expanding this API over the next few releases.

Stash internationalization

Stash is now locale-aware and will be displayed in your preferred language (French, German or Japanese language packs are the first available). 

Stash administrators can specify the default language at install time (in the Stash Setup Wizard), and can install additional language packs from the Atlassian Marketplace as these become available. See Managing apps.

You can set your preferred language in your Stash account settings – this overrides the default Stash language setting, but depends on the available language packs that are installed.

Stash selects the display language for each user session by finding the first match from the installed language packs with first, the user's language preference in their Stash account settings, then the locale set in their browser, the default Stash language setting, the Java or operating system locale, or finally US English, in that priority order.

Support for Java 6 removed

As previously announced, support for Java 6 has been removed. Stash 3.0 requires at least Java 7.

Small improvements

Java 8 supported

Stash 3.0 adds support for Java 8.

Internet Explorer 11 supported

Stash 3.0 adds support for IE 11.

Support for Internet Explorer 8 removed

As previously announced, support for IE8 has been removed in Stash 3.0.

Change log

This section will contain information about the Stash 3.0 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Stash software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Stash, please read the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Stash 3.0.x releases.

7 October 2014 - Stash 3.0.8

T Key Summary

4 August 2014 - Stash 3.0.7

T Key Summary

30 June 2014 - Stash 3.0.6

T Key Summary

19 June 2014 - Stash 3.0.5

T Key Summary

3 June 2014 - Stash 3.0.4

T Key Summary

Note that Stash 3.0.2 and Stash 3.0.3 were internal releases.

20 May 2014 - Stash 3.0.1

T Key Summary

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