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View your user count

Your Atlassian Cloud user count is based on your product access settings – it's the number of users you grant access to for each product. Your subscription cost is calculated from your user count.

To view your user count, go to 

> Site administration > Application access

View your billing information

To access your billing information, choose 

> Site administration, then choose Billing under Subscriptions & Billing

Once there, you can see the following details:

  • the pricing tier your cloud products and apps are on
  • the total cost based on the current usage
  • your next billing period
  • the next payment date for your subscription renewal
  • which products and add-ons you're trialing or subscribed to.

Update your billing details

To view or edit your billing address and the credit card you're using for payment, choose Billing details in the left panel.

Update the billing contact

To change who receives the billing invoices for your subscription, choose Overview in the left panel, then Make me billing contact.

The previous billing contact will receive an email to tell them about the change, but they won't receive future billing invoices.

To update the technical contact, see How do I update the Contacts for my Atlassian products?

View your billing history

To see your previous bills, choose Billing history in the left panel. You can also go to

See also How do I update the Contacts for my Atlassian products?

Manage subscriptions

Your Confluence and Jira product service will be billed based on the user tier at the end of your billing cycle. The user tier is automatically adjusted when site administrators add or remove users. Additional users that take your user tier to a higher tier will be billed in the next monthly cycle.


If you have 9 Confluence users, you'll be charged at the 10 user tier at the end of your billing cycle. If you add two more users in the following month, you'll be charged at the 15 user tier at the end of the next billing cycle.

The billing contacts listed in will be emailed a preview of your bill 3 days before the end of your billing cycle. Your site administrators can always remove users or product access prior to the renewal date to maintain your current user tier.

When the user tier of a base product changes, the user tier for its add-ons will change accordingly.

Recover a site that's been canceled 

Once your site has been deactivated (i.e. your site has been taken offline), you have two weeks to pay your outstanding quote or contact Atlassian to have the site restored before your data will be permanently deleted. Note that data backups for permanently deleted instances can sometimes be retrieved by raising a ticket with our Support team within the first month after your instance has been deleted.

Last modified on Apr 26, 2018

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