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Monitoring is a vital part of ensuring the integrity and continued optimization of your Data Center application. Regularly monitoring the performance of your application helps you prepare for usage growth or re-configuration. It's important to choose tools that can monitor all the parameters you need to track. Focus on building enough data to identify trends: this will be more informative than studying performance snapshots when deciding how to best optimize your application over time.

This article provides some high-level guidance on choosing a monitoring solution for your Data Center application. We've listed tools and services we use internally at Atlassian, along with other tools we've seen some customers use. These tools range from SaaS to on-premise, and also include a selection of free and paid options. Ultimately, your choice will need to take into consideration available technical expertise/resources, budget and time.

Apps VS SaaS/on-premise

For large, enterprise-scale deployments, we recommend that you use a SaaS solution or on-premise tool (hosted separately) for your performance monitoring. Performance monitoring apps (such as Java Melodyare typically run on the same nodes as your Data Center applications. This can affect the overall performance of your Data Center deployment; in particular, log processing tasks can be CPU- and I/O-intensive.

You could consider the following tools to monitor the health of your Data Center applications:



New RelicNew Relic provides end-to-end transaction tracing, application response times, JVM analysis, thread profiling, and more. They also support several third-party plugins, including ones for Confluence and Jira.
Data DogData Dog is a SaaS monitoring and graphing tool for real-time visibility and alerting. It's easy to use, flexible, and great for small teams.


Grafana allows you to create rich graphs and dashboards. You can use Grafana with InfluxDB and Gatling.


Dynatrace is an application monitoring platform that provides end-to-end tracing and monitoring.

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Dynatrace also provides an overview of how to monitor Jira and Confluence on their platform. See Optimizing Atlassian JIRA and Confluence Productivity with Dynatrace for details. 

SplunkSplunk provides log monitoring and is popular with our customers. You can select between their Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud offerings.


With Appneta, you can measure end-user performance, functionality, and availability in your web browser.


AppDynamics is an integrated platform that monitors everything, including end-user experience, application performance, database performance, and infrastructure performance.

ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana)

ELK is a collection of three different tools:

  • Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source, search and analytics engine.
  • Logstash can process logs, events, and unstructured data sources for distribution into a variety of outputs, including Elasticsearch.
  • Kibana is a data visualization platform you can use to build and integrate histograms and geomaps into your custom dashboards for monitoring.

Sensu is a full stack monitoring solution available as a free and customizable open-source solution. Sensu Enterprise is a paid offering that provides more enterprise-ready features.

NagiosNagios is a system, log, application, database, and network monitoring solution.
JMX Monitoring

You can monitor and manage the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) through its built-in instrumentation, using JMX. JMX also enables other tools (such as Zabbix) to use this instrumentation.

The following guides provide more details on JMX monitoring for specific products:

Additional information

See the following for more information about monitoring your application:

We're here to help

An Atlassian Technical Account Manager can provide strategic guidance to help you choose the monitoring strategies and tools that best fit your needs and environment.

Our Premier Support team performs health checks by meticulously analyzing your application and logs, to ensure that your application's deployment fully meets the needs of your users. If the health check process reveals any performance gaps, Premier Support will recommend possible changes to your deployment.

Last modified on Feb 21, 2019

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