Bamboo 5.10 Release Notes


19 January 2016

The Atlassian Bamboo team are excited to release Bamboo 5.10.If you are upgrading, please read the Bamboo upgrade guide.The Bamboo changelog is at the bottom of this page.

Platform upgrade summary

This release contains changes that break the plugin backward compatibility. For more information about how to prevent your plugins from breaking, see Bamboo developer documentation. 

Bamboo 5.10 is introducing the following changes:

  • JDK8 as a minimum runtime and compile requirement
  • Bamboo runs on Tomcat 8
  • Servlet API upgrade
  • Plugins framework upgrade
  • SAL upgrade
  • Soy Renderer upgrade
  • REST 3.0 upgrade

For detailed information about the changes and upgrade guidelines, see Bamboo developer documentation.

Bamboo build statuses for Bitbucket

View build status for commits, branches, and pull requests directly in Bitbucket.

All you have to do is set up the plan to use the Bitbucket repository type and provide valid Bitbucket credentials.

For more information, see the Bitbucket documentation:

Bug fixes

You can view the detailed list of fixed bugs at the bottom of this page.

Plan directory information REST API

A reminder about future changes to on-disk directory layout

A future release of Bamboo will make changes to the layout of the on-disk directory structure for artifacts and logs. These changes are necessary to make functionality more robust. If you are relying on scripts or other tools that examine data in the Bamboo home directory, you will need to update them to ensure that they continue to work.

To make this easier, we have added a resource to the Bamboo REST API to retrieve information about where on disk log files and artifacts will be stored. We have made this available in 5.9 so that you can prepare for the changes.

For more information, see Plan directory information REST API.


 This section contains information about the Bamboo 5.10 bugfix releases as they become available. These releases are free to all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.

15 March 2016 - Bamboo 5.10.3

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

Key Summary T

2 March 2016 - Bamboo 5.10.2

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

Key Summary T

9 February 2016 - Bamboo 5.10.1

SSH keys management

Now you can manage trusted SSH keys directly from the Bamboo administration panel. Simply select the Manage trusted keys check box in the Security settings page:

Selecting the check box adds the Trusted keys page that lives in the Security section of the administration panel:

Changes in access to audit logs

With this release audit logs are available only to users and groups with administrator privileges (including plan administrators).

BAM-17047 - Getting issue details... STATUS


The full list of issues fixed in this release is the following:

Key Summary T

19 January 2016 - Bamboo 5.10.0

Here's a summary of bug fixes:

Key Summary T

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