Bamboo 4.1 Release Notes

29 May 2012

Atlassian is proud to present Bamboo 4.1 with build responsibility management, JIRA issue creation and linking, HipChat notifications and Stash repository links.

Upgrading to Bamboo 4.1 is free for all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.

Highlights of this release:
Thank you for your feedback:
27 new features and improvements implemented

Please keep logging your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing, and are much appreciated!

Upgrading to Bamboo 4.1

You can download Bamboo from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Bamboo 4.1 Upgrade Guide.

Get builds fixed faster with responsibilities

Finding it difficult to keep track of who caused a build to fail?

Easily keep track of who's responsible for a build failure by using the new responsibilities. When a build breaks, all those who committed code are added to the list of people who are responsible for the failure. As you investigate the build failure, you can revise who is responsible, or claim all the responsibility for yourself!

Builds that keep failing in series keep the same list of responsible people. When the build passes again everyone is taken off the hook for the failure.

The avatars for the responsible people are also shown on the Wallboard so you can easily recognize if the failure is yours.

We've also added a new Responsible recipient so you can notify only the people responsible when Bamboo detects events such as build failures, build successes and comments added.


Take action with JIRA issue creation

Quickly create a JIRA issue from any build result and have the newly created issue link directly back to the build result via JIRA's Issue Links. Creating issues from within Bamboo has lots of uses:

  • Capture and notify other team members of infrastructure failures that are keeping your build from passing.
  • Request that a successful build be deployed to the next environment.
  • Create a searchable knowledge base of failure causes and their solutions.
  • Log time spent on build failures and use JIRA dashboard gadgets to discover trends over time.


Get your team communicating with Hipchat notifications

This year, Atlassian acquired HipChat — the pay-as-you-go private IM service that lives in the cloud. Bamboo 4.1 integrates with HipChat right out of the box, providing another way to get everyone synced up.

Color-coded build notifications can be broadcast to HipChat rooms, which automatically show the last 100 or so lines of chat history as soon as you enter.

Have Bamboo notify your team of build failures and deployment successes and get more information by clicking directly through to the build result.

Got distributed teams? Open up your HipChat room first thing in the morning to see all the build notifications from overnight. Or fire up the room from your smart phone application during your morning commute and really get a jump on the day.



Welcome to the family, Stash!

We welcomed Stash, a Git Repository Management for Enterprise Teams, to the Atlassian family this year. Just like we have for FishEye, the Bamboo team have built support for Stash repository links.

Any commits to a Stash repository are linked directly from the Changes on a build result to the change view in Stash, allowing you to quickly browse the changes in your build.


Plus Over 50 Fixes and Improvements

The top 10 issues are shown below. Please refer to our public JIRA site to see the full list of fixes and improvements in this release of Bamboo.

T Key Summary P Status

The Bamboo 4.1 Team


Core Team

Brydie McCoy
Jason Berry
Marek Went
Krystian Brazulewicz
Przemek Bruski
Marcin Gardias
Piotr Stefan Stefaniak

Team Lead

Mark Chaimungkalanont

Project Manager

Anton Mazkovoi


Ajay Sridhar
Armen Khachatryan
Felipe Kraemer
Renan Battaglin
Sultan Maiyaki
Zed Yap


Product Management

Jens Schumacher
James Dumay 

Product Marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti
Sarah Goff-Dupont

Technical Writing

Paul Watson


James Fleming
Nabil Zakaria 

Build Engineering

Adrián Deccico
Amos Shapira
Bryce Johnson
David Rizzuto
Min'an Tan
Peter Leschev 

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