Bamboo 3.0 Release Notes

16 February 2011

With great pleasure, Atlassian presents Bamboo 3.0 with artifact sharing, Git support and a revamped user interface.

Upgrading to Bamboo 3.0 is free for all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.

Highlights of this release:

Thank you for your feedback:

40 new features and improvements implemented
125 votes fulfilled

Your votes and issues help us keep improving our products, and are much appreciated.

Please keep logging your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing!

Upgrading to Bamboo 3.0

You can download Bamboo from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Bamboo 3.0 Upgrade Guide.


Artifact Sharing

Bamboo 3.0 allows artifacts produced from a Job to be shared with other Jobs in the same Plan, without being rebuilt every time. Build your artifacts in the first Stage and pass them through Unit and Acceptance testing Stages. When the build has completed, you will have every confidence that the final artifact has been thoroughly tested, works and is ready for further deployment.

Artifact sharing for Maven 2 is also supported, but in beta.

Screenshot above: Build Artifacts



Git Support

Bamboo now supports Git. If you use this distributed version control system (DVCS) or are thinking of migrating to it, you can use Bamboo to build any source code maintained in Git repositories.

Screenshot above: Configuring a Git repository for a Plan



User Interface Overhaul

In our previous release, Bamboo 2.7, we introduced Stages and Jobs to improve the way your Builds are structured. The user interface wasn't ideal for representing the new Plan structure though. In this release, we've taken the opportunity to completely overhaul the Bamboo user interface, including the Plans, Jobs and Build Results screens. If you are currently using Atlassian's JIRA, you'll feel right at home with the new look and feel!

Highlights include:

  • A more neutral color scheme to improve readability of the screens.
  • Redesigned controls — slicker tabs, svelte forms and tables, Atlassian-standard headings and better buttons.
  • Layout changes — functions moved into dropdowns to make key information more prominent.

Plan and Job Summary

As part of our drive to improve the Bamboo user experience, we've implemented better user interfaces for Plans and Jobs. The new Plan Navigator shows you the Stages and Jobs hierarchy in a Plan, as well as allowing quick navigation to Jobs. If you are looking at a Job, it will be highlighted in the Plan Navigator. Common functions have been moved into an 'Actions' menu for easy access. The interface also looks much cleaner, due to a better organized layout and the new color scheme.

Screenshot above: Job Summary (Annotated)

Build Results

The Build Results user interface for Plans and Jobs has also been improved in Bamboo 3.0. This includes a status ribbon that allows you to see whether a build was successful or not, at a glance. We've also added a history navigator that allows you to view the status of and navigate to, prior and subsequent build results. An updated layout and the new color scheme complements these new features.

Screenshot above: Job Build Result Summary (Annotated)


Scheduled Repository Polling

Bamboo now allows you to schedule when you want to poll your source repositories for changes. You can create a schedule using Cron expressions, but don't worry if you can't remember all that Cron lingo. Bamboo has an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to create your schedule without any expression magic required.

Screenshot above: Schedule Editor for a Plan


Configuration Changes Captured in Audit Logs

All configuration changes in Bamboo are now recorded in the audit logs. This allows you to track down whether a build failed because of an actual problem in your code, or whether a Plan configuration change was responsible.


Plus over 400 fixes and improvements

The top 10 issues by votes are shown below. For the full list of fixes and improvements, please refer to our public JIRA site to see a full list of issues fixed in this release of Bamboo.

type key summary priority votes status

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View these issues in Jira

The Bamboo 3 Team


Core Team

Brydie McCoy
James Dumay
Jason Berry
Marek Went
Krystian Brazulewicz
Przemek Bruski
Marcin Gardias
Michael Truong


Slawek Ginter
Piotr Stefan Stefaniak

Team Lead

Mark Chaimungkalanont

Project Manager

Anton Mazkovoi


Renan Battaglin
Ajay Sridhar
Zed Yap


Product Management

Jens Schumacher
Helen Hung

Product Marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti

Technical Writing

Andrew Lui


James Fleming

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