Bamboo 5.6 Release Notes

29 July 2014 

The Atlassian Bamboo team are excited to release Bamboo 5.6. 

If you are upgrading, please read the Bamboo upgrade guide.

The Bamboo 5.6 changelog is at the bottom of this page.

Even better Stash integration

When we released Bamboo 5.5 we provided a new Stash repository type that made it much easier to link your build plan to a Stash repository.

Now, in Bamboo 5.6, we've pushed the integration with Stash much further. We now use repository events published by Stash (versions 3.1 and later) to trigger actions in Bamboo, with almost no need for configuration. You don't have to configure repository polling  for new commits  anymore, or set up  dedicated  web hooks in your Stash instance – simply create an application link between Bamboo and Stash to scale Git without suffering scaling or performance problems on either system:

Stash tells Bamboo when to build

  • When a developer pushes to a repository the build is automatically started.

Stash tells Bamboo when to update plan branches, to match changes in repository branches

  • When a developer pushes a new branch to a repository a branch plan is automatically created.
  • When a developer deletes a branch in a repository, the branch plan is automatically deleted or disabled.

Bamboo notifies Stash automatically about build results

  • When you now link a build plan to a Stash repository, build notifications are automatically enabled. 
  • Notifications are sent to all linked Stash servers.
  • The legacy Stash notification type is deprecated – it is still available in Bamboo 5.6 but will be removed in Bamboo 5.7.

See Stash for more information.

Dedicated agents

With Bamboo 5.5, you could specify which agent should be used to run deployments to an environment. See Agents for deployment environments.

Now, with Bamboo 5.6, you have much more control over your agents. You can specify the activities a particular agent should perform, from the level of build projects or plans, down to particular jobs, to deployment projects and environments. And, you can assign multiple activities to an agent.

This allows you to fine-tune your build performance requirements, and to have greater control over the costs associated with agent resources, for example elastic agents. You can also specify that a particular job must run on a specific agent – for example, where the agent is configured for code signing, or has a particular license that must be available.

See Dedicating an agent.


Clone existing deployment projects

With Bamboo 5.6 you can now clone an existing deployment project. The new, cloned project:

  • will use the same plan, branch and artifacts as the original project
  • will contain copies of all the original environments and their settings
  • will use a copy of the version naming scheme, starting at the same number as the cloned project.

See Creating and configuring a deployment project.


Small improvements

Improved visibility for deployments

Deployments now appear in the activity streams for agents and builds.

Build queue improvements

We've changed the implementation for Bamboo build queues. For those running Bamboo at large scale, we expect you'll find there is greater stability and better performance of your build queue. There should be no other visible change.

Project name is now editable

You can now edit the name of a Bamboo project. When you do, all plans in the project are correctly updated with the new name.

 Simply go to the project and choose Edit project name from the 'Actions' (...) menu:

The existing Stash notifications and web repository type are deprecated

Stash notifications and the existing web repository type are deprecated in Bamboo 5.6, and will be removed in Bamboo 5.7. Use the new Stash integration (using an application link), described above, to get this functionality from Bamboo 5.7 onwards.


Change log

This section will contain information about the Bamboo 5.6 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Bamboo, please read the Bamboo upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Bamboo 5.6.x releases.

11 September 2014 - Bamboo 5.6.2

T Key Summary

19 August 2014 - Bamboo 5.6.1

T Key Summary

29 July 2014 - Bamboo 5.6.0

T Key Summary


Who are the Bamboo team?


Product management

Sten Pittet


Sarah Goff-Dupont

Vivien Leong


Paul Kelcey

Brydie McCoy

Krystian Brazulewicz

Marcin Gardias

Marcin Oleś

Marek Went

Przemek Bruski

Pawel Skierczynski

UI Development

Matthias Schreck

Mitja Kramberger


Paul Watson

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