Bitbucket Server 5.9 release notes

22 March 2018

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If you are upgrading from an earlier version, refer to the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide

Be sure to also check the End of support announcements for Bitbucket Server and the changes listed in the API changelog.

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Diagnostics is a new tool that allows admins to get a quick overview of the health of their system. A lot of performance issues can be attributed to third-party apps, and particularly apps with behavior that we know is problematic.

The new diagnostics tool aims to:

  • provide early performance feedback to product developers and developers of third-party apps, allowing performance issues to be detected earlier.
  • provide performance data to support staff, to help analyze performance issues reported by customers more quickly.

Eventually, we hope the performance data collected will also help with recovering from performance problems, such as isolating badly behaving apps from core components and in extreme cases, completely disabling apps.

The end goal is to improve performance and stability at scale.

Diagnostics currently displays a summary of the alerts that have been raised in the past 30 days, with three levels of severity: 

  • Error: a serious problem has occurred that impacts system stability and/or availability.
  • Warning: an issue has been detected that impacts performance or can lead to more serious problems in the future.
  • Info: something worth noting.

The events are filterable so you can check against a particular date or time, or simply filter by node. Click into the event to see the event details. For more information, read the diagnostics overview, or the event details page.

JMX metrics for diagnostics

The JMX metrics for diagnostics alerts can be found in the Bitbucket Server documentation, under Enabling JMX counters for performance monitoring


This section will contain information about the Bitbucket Server 5.9 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Bitbucket Server software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Bitbucket Server, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Bitbucket Server 5.9.x releases, and are ordered by votes received.

30 July 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.9.2

T Key Summary

3 April 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.9.1

T Key Summary

22 March 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.9.0

T Key Summary

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