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If you need to duplicate the content of a page, the easiest way is to copy the page.

When you copy the page it'll need to be renamed if you intend to keep it in the same space – and Confluence will rename the page 'Copy of [originalPageName]' by default – as pages in a space must have unique names. If you plan on moving it to another space, you can keep the same name as long as you set the location while you're creating the copy. See Move and Reorder Pages for more information.

(info) You need the 'Create Pages' permission in a space to copy pages within that space. See space permissions for more information.

To copy a page:

  1. Go to a page in the space and choose   > Copy
    Confluence will open a copy of the page in the editor. By default, Confluence will name the page 'Copy of [originalPageName]'.
  2. Rename the page and make any other changes required in the body of the page
    If you need to move the new page to a different space or a different parent, choose Location at the bottom-left of the page. Refer to the instructions on moving a page.
  3. Choose Save


  • Copying a page will duplicate all of the original page's attachments and labels, but won't copy comments from the original page.
  • This method of copying a page doesn't copy the child pages. Please add your vote to issue CONF-2814 if you'd like to see this improvement.
  • You can copy an entire space, including all pages in the space (parents and children) — refer to these instructions on copying a space.


Last modified on Dec 2, 2015

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