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When you create any content in Confluence – whether it's taking down some quick notes from a meeting, writing a requirements page, or letting your teammates know about the company's latest marketing push – you'll either be creating it as a page or a blog post. You may be shocked to know that this page you're reading now, is, in fact, a Confluence page!

Pages and blog posts are the two things that allow you to capture and share information in Confluence, and which one you use depends on what you want to do with your content. If you want the information to last, and possibly evolve over time, then you likely want to create a page; if the information is specific mainly to the current time-frame, and isn't going to change over time, then you'll most likely want to create it as a blog post. These aren't hard-and-fast rules; they're just pointers to give you a place to start.

Each Confluence space, including your personal space, allows you to create pages in it, and has its own blog where you can create posts. If you're not sure what a space is, or what you can do with spaces, check out our page on Spaces.

Take a look at the below pages to learn more about pages and blog posts in Confluence.

Last modified on Dec 2, 2015

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