Crucible 1.6 Release Notes


23 September 2008

Atlassian presents Crucible 1.6

Crucible release 1.6 makes it easier to review content that is not in FishEye. Furthermore, Crucible 1.6 can be deployed without FishEye for the first time. Through Crucible's new 'Light SCM' plugins, you can include content in reviews that are not associated with FishEye or even a source control repository. For example, you can review pages directly from Confluence, files on any file system connected to the machine FishEye is running on, and Subversion repositories not connected to FishEye. Crucible now has better support for uploading files for pre-commit review, in addition to the existing support for patches.

Highlights of this release:

Upgrading to Crucible 1.6

You can now download Crucible from here. If upgrading from a previous version, please follow the Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of Crucible 1.6

Support for Non-FishEye Repositories

Crucible can now be deployed as a stand-alone application for the first time. With Crucible 1.6, you no longer need a FishEye license or even a source-control repository. Crucible's new Light SCM plugin infrastructure already supports Confluence, server file systems, and Subversion repository types. We will be adding GIT and ClearCase in the near future. The Light SCM interface is public and the shipped plugins are open source. As a result, you can extend these plugins or even write your own — great news for plugin developers.

Confluence Page Reviews

Crucible 1.6 allows you to select Atlassian Confluence as a source of material for reviews. In this way, you can use Crucible to easily review the Wiki Markup of pages created in Confluence. Read more.

Screenshot: Confluence Page Reviews in Crucible

Shared File System Repositories

You can create a 'repository' for a local or remote directory on the server file system. Teams that are managing documents through a shared file system instead of a source control system can still benefit from peer reviews. Read more.

Screenshot: Crucible Reviews on the File System

Enhanced Pre-commit Reviews & Image Support

In addition to Crucible's patch support, 1.6 enables any file to be uploaded for review. The new upload functionality enables two files to be uploaded and compared in the review window, with diff highlighting. Read more.

Crucible now supports before and after inline image previews.

Screenshot: Crucible Review of Uploaded Files

Multiple Admin Users

Crucible now allows the Administrator to grant other users administration privileges. Admin Users can be individually assigned or given privileges through local or remote directory groups. Read more.

Expanded API

The Crucible API now allows programmable review creation, along with a host of other additions. Read more.

Plus numerous improvements and bug fixes

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