Crucible 2.0 Release Notes


30 June 2009

Atlassian presents Crucible 2.0

 Crucible 2.0 adds the all-new Iterative Reviews feature, enhanced JIRA integration and a brand new user interface.

Highlights of this release:

Thank you for your interest in Crucible 2.0.

See the documentation on Upgrading to this version.

Installing Crucible 2.0

You can now download the Crucible 2.0 from here. If upgrading from a previous version, please follow the Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of Crucible 2.0

Iterative Reviews

Crucible now allows you to review several revisions of a file within one review, seamlessly switching between them. Comments are linked and relative to a specific revision. This allows you to review every change that has occurred on a code file within a given period of time and hence visualize its evolution in the context of the review.

Screenshot: Iterative Reviews

New User Interface

Taking on board wide-ranging feedback from customers, the Crucible team has completely revamped the user interface of the product, adding more views on your work and allowing you to access controls from multiple locations and allowing for different work styles. Files in review are arranged in a tree for easy navigation. New viewing modes for reviews support full screen view, side-by-side diff view and single or multiple file views.

Screenshot: Reviewed files

Read/Unread comments

As you move around a review, Crucible keeps track of which comments you've seen and marks them as read. When you see a comment that you want to come back to, check the 'leave as unread' box so you don't forget it. Unlike an email thread, new comments are rarely at the bottom. That's why its especially useful to filter and highlight just the new comments when you come back to a review that's underway.

Screenshot: Unread comments

Enhanced JIRA Integration

Crucible now has better JIRA integration, allowing you to see regular JIRA updates in your Crucible dashboard and create JIRA sub-tasks inline, without leaving the Crucible interface. You can still click on issue names to visit the JIRA instance they belong to, also. See instructions for JIRA configuration.

Screenshot: Enhanced JIRA Integration 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Crucible now has keyboard shortcuts for navigating around your reviews efficiently. No more repetitive strain injury from that mouse wheel.

Screenshot: Keyboard shortcuts

Review Activity

All the activity that happens in Crucible is available as an activity stream. Streams can be accessed per project as well as a personal stream that includes the activity from people, projects, reviews and even comments you favorite or are involved in.

Screenshot: Project review activity stream

External Databases and Backup

Crucible now supports MySQL and Postgress in addition to the embeded HSQL database. Backup and restore capabilities have also been greatly enhanced.

Plus numerous improvements and bug fixes

Visit our issue tracker to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes.

Last modified on May 26, 2016

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