Crucible 2.6 Release Notes

6 June 2011

With great pleasure, Atlassian presents Crucible 2.6 with SQL Server support, improved Quick Search, much better handling of reviews for Subversion merge commits and HTML emails.

Highlights of this Release:

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Highlights of Crucible 2.6


New Quick Search

You'll be able to find information faster using Crucible's new Quick Search. The Quick Search helps you to find the exact information that you need with a click of a button. The search results are also easy to work with – the user interface has a clean look and feel and features wiki rendering for reviews, popup summaries for JIRA issues in commit messages and more.



HTML Emails for Reviews

A 20% time project has resulted in email notifications getting a dramatic facelift. Gone are the dreary plain text emails, replaced by much better-looking HTML emails. You'll see the new emails in action for review notifications.


Dashboard and Navigation Improvements

The Dashboard and Header have been tweaked to simplify the user interface in this release. You won't have to click different tabs to find the activity stream, as it will always be displayed. We've moved the other functions to the header to remove the clutter and provide you with a more streamlined view.



SQL Server Support

We are happy to announce that Crucible 2.6 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008.



Oracle Support

We previously announced beta support for the Oracle DBMS in Crucible 2.5. We are happy to announce that this is no longer in beta, and that the Oracle DBMS is officially supported for Crucible 2.6.



Review Creation without Metadata Changes

Creating a review from a Subversion commit will now exclude metadata-only changes to files. You won't get pesky svn mergeinfo properties cluttering your review screens anymore! We've also prevented changesets that are entirely svnprops changes (i.e. don't have any non-metadata changes) from being added to reviews.



Improved Patch Anchoring

We've revamped patch anchoring in this release. All the work has been done under the covers, to improve how a patch anchors to a repository. You should just notice that anchoring patches works better, when creating a review. And if something does go wrong, we've built in better error handling so that you'll know what went wrong.



And Even More Improvements

Visit our issue tracker to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes in FishEye and Crucible for this release.

Release Notices

  • Upgrading from a previous version of Crucible. Upgrading Crucible should be fairly straightforward. We strongly recommend that you back up Crucible before upgrading. Please refer to the Crucible 2.6 Upgrade Guide for further essential information about your upgrade.
  • Known Issues. Please check the important technical advisories on the front page of the Knowledge Base for information about any known issues for this release.
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