Crucible 3.10 release notes

28 October 2015

With today's release of Crucible 3.10 we've added to the Review Activity stream and made the blame annotations work consistently better. We've also made important improvements to project keys, SNI support and LDAP synchronization.

If you are updating an earlier version of Crucible, please read the Crucible upgrade guide and the End of Support Announcements for Crucible. The Crucible 3.10 changelog is below.

Crucible Review Activity stream revisited

For Crucible 3.9 we introduced a whole new way to see comment activity on reviews with the Review Activity stream.

Now, for Crucible 3.10, we've added more of your team's activities, so as well as review comments you can also see:

  • When a review is created, closed, abandoned etc.
  • The completion status of each reviewer:



To see the Review Activity, click Activity at the top right of the review (or use the keyboard shortcut  'shift' + ']').

Read more about the Review Activity stream...

Better blame control

Blames are the annotations available when viewing source files or diffs that allow you to see who last modified a line of code and in which revision:


Crucible 3.10 has improved the blame coverage and also the performance of blame-enriched pages by fixing a number of issues in the index-time blame calculation, thus avoiding queries on the SCM repository.

Read more about how blames are calculated...

Small improvements

Atlassian Stash is now named Bitbucket Server 

Stash has been renamed to unify our Git products under the Bitbucket name. So now you'll see 'Bitbucket Server' in Crucible 3.10 (and later versions) wherever you used to see 'Stash', and all your integrations with Stash will continue to work as expected when you upgrade Stash to Bitbucket Server 4.0 (or later).

Read more about the Stash rename... 

Project keys must be uppercase

Crucible 3.10 now enforces the use of uppercase project keys. We've made this change to allow much faster DB queries for a number of different methods.

When you first run Crucible after upgrading to 3.10 an upgrade task will automatically update your existing project keys. 

 Read more in the Crucible upgrade guide...

SNI support

Crucible 3.10 now supports Server Name Indication (SNI), which makes the HTTPS equivalent of name-based virtual hosting practicable. You'll find it easier to set up and maintain a secure reverse proxy for Crucible.

Read more in the Crucible upgrade guide...

LDAP synchronization

We've improved the way Crucible synchronizes with LDAP servers. Crucible now supports paging when requesting data from the LDAP server, and works seamlessly when the number of user accounts exceeds 1000 in Active Directory. 

Read more in the Crucible upgrade guide...

Change log

This section will contain information about the Crucible 3.10 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Crucible software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Crucible, please read the Crucible upgrade guide and the End of Support Announcements for Crucible.

The issues listed below are just the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Crucible 3.10.x releases.

6 May 2016 - Crucible 3.10.4

13 January 2016 - Crucible 3.10.3

This release contains mainly FishEye fixes - see FishEye 3.10.3 release notes

30 November 2015 - Crucible 3.10.2

28 October 2015 - Crucible 3.10.1

28 October 2015 - Crucible 3.10.0

T Key Summary
New Feature CRUC-7371 (re)consider adding func tests for uppercasing project keys
Improvement CRUC-7370 Prevent instance and upgrade tasks start if DB collation is wrong
Improvement CRUC-7127 Support PostgreSQL 9.4 database
Improvement CRUC-6942 Review CLI Tool should be able to upload a patch containing only added files
Bug CRUC-7528 Backup action is XSRF vulnerable
Bug CRUC-7526 XSRF protection bypass
Bug CRUC-7515 Log forging vulnerability
Bug CRUC-7445 Sherif font in reviewer autocompletion list
Bug CRUC-7440 "View unread comments" link on review complete not working
Bug CRUC-7418 if you remove a patch from a started review, but some revisions aren't removed (because they have comments for example), the patch still gets marked as removed and hidden, leaving dangling revisions behind
Bug CRUC-7407 Project Page Lists Repository Twice
Bug CRUC-7377 Review activity in-product help doesn't get hidden when open review activity stream using shortcuts
Bug CRUC-7310 Creating a branch review through the create url never clears the url params, refreshing then tries to readd the content to the review
Bug CRUC-7306 404 error when clicking on commits in branch review if FishEye is not licensed
Bug CRUC-7305 Force upper case key in FeCru project
Bug CRUC-7231 Default review objectives used inconsistently from branch reviews/smart commits reviews
Bug CRUC-7183 Unable to Publish Draft Comments if they Contain a Draft Reply Using 'Post Drafts' Link
Bug CRUC-6582 Creating pre-commit with IntelliJ on a new file throws 500 Internal Server Error
Bug CRUC-6336 Post drafts link when completing a review deletes most or all of the draft comments
Bug CRUC-5850 Error when adding content to a Review

Last modified on May 6, 2016

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