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Page: Cannot upload SQL files to JIRA on Windows Page: JIRA Fails to Deploy on WebSphere due to Missing JNDI ResourceRef Page: Project Info Panel Does not Display Page: Activity Stream Error in Internet Explorer 8 Page: Drop-Down Menus Look Broken after JIRA 4 Upgrade Page: Issues are Editable In Closed State Page: Configuring Subversion Commit Messages in JIRA Page: Unable to Send a Support Request from the Administration Console of a Local JIRA Instance Page: Paste Button Missing when Attaching Screenshots Page: Changing JBoss Logging Level Page: Unable to Create Issue Due to Data Corruption Page: Notifications Are Issued for Incorrect Issues Page: Problems Configuring the Perforce Plugin Page: Issue Type with Name 'Sub-task' Already Exists Page: JIRA Fails to Start Due to 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Multiple services with name 'Subversion Revision Indexing Service' exist' Page: Pages Occassionally throws Invalid LOC Header (Bad Signature) Page: 'ClassCastException org.objectweb.jotm.Current cannot be cast to javax.sql.DataSource' when Starting JIRA Page: CVS Connection Cannot Be Made Page: Cannot View Thumbnails of the Attachments in the Issue Page: The Clone Link Type 'Cloners' Does Not Exist Due to Missing Property Page: 'ClassCastException java.util.Date' Due to JDK 1.5 Page: Clicking the JIRA Charting Portlet Changes JIRA's URL to Another Site Page: Workflow Transitions or Issue Edits Fail on Some Browsers Page: XPP3 Pull Parser Library not Present Page: Incorrect Times Displayed in JIRA Page: Charts are Displayed with Unreadable Font and Out Axis Lines Page: JavaScript Rendered when Selecting a Calendar Date in IE 6 Page: JIRA Fails to Connect to Database on System Reboot Page: Can't Link to Local Files from within JIRA Page: When Logging Work JIRA Throws the Following Exception 'java.lang.NullPointerException at java.text.SimpleDateFormat' Page: Accessing JIRA Issue Results in 'Error Re-indexing Changes for Issue' Page: Editing an Issue Results in 'UndeclaredThrowableException' Error Page: How to Allow Users to Assign Issues Only in a Specific Transition Page: Seemingly Random Functionality Fails Due to Outdated JSP Work Directory Page: JIRA Unable to Find Attachments Page: JIRA Throw java.lang.IllegalStateException: No output folder Page: Create Button is Missing from the 'Create Issue' Screen Page: Duplicate Issue Type Appear In Create Issue Screen Page: "Contact Administrators" on JIRA Page Footer Throws a Blank List Page: Bullet Points or Middots are Substituted with a Dash ( - ) when Entered into a JIRA Field Page: CAPTCHA Does not Appear Despite Several Login Attempts Page: Certificate Error in JIRA Screenshot Applet Page: How to Convert a Multi-Select Custom Field into Labels Page: Internet Explorer Renames Open Office Extensions to .zip Page: JIRA Operation Fails due to 'Communications link failure' Page: Resolve Missing Attachments in JIRA Page: Spurious Error Message 'Unable to load a service descriptor for the job licenseFileMonitor' Page: System Time and Time Displayed in JIRA are One Hour Different Page: Remove information from the 500 error page (Oops - an error has occurred) Page: ClassFormatError Truncated class file Page: 'org.apache.maven.reactor.MavenExecutionException: Cannot find parent' Error is Thrown When Trying to Compile SOAP Client Page: Unable to render content due to system error in description and activity stream after upgrade Page: Create issue fail with 500 page exception in the log Page: JIRA Open Source Libraries and Licensing Page: JIRA Performance Problems due to System Time Settings Page: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError while editing issues or filters or adding custom field Page: Unable to create issues using a new version of JIRA if license is expired Page: Adding CVS Module In JIRA Fails With Error 'Error parsing cvs log: Invalid branch revision' Page: Converting Issue to Sub-Task Failed Because of Blocking Browser Extension Page: Editing an issue sets the assignee automatically to automatic Page: Error to load page when accessing JIRA with IE Page: NullPointerException while linking issues Page: Internet Explorer unable to open or save office document when using SSL Page: Bulk Operations fail with a NullPointerException Page: Unable to Add Subversion Repository Due to Cannot create directory /home/jira/.subversion/auth/svn.simple Error Page: JIRA RSS feed is broken on MS Outlook 2007-2010 Page: Restricted comments disappear after moving an issue to a new project Page: Issue can not be opened Error When Trying to Select it in the Issue Navigator Page: Unable to Attach File into JIRA via HTTPS Page: Error occurs on detail-module under issue view page Page: Old name of a renamed custom field still being used in Field Configuration Page: Cannot login as sysadmin after import backup from JIRA OnDemand to JIRA Standalone Page: How to Fix Links in Wrong Direction After Cloning an Issue Page: Cannot upload DBF files to JIRA on Windows Page: Attempting to download JIRA results in 404 Page: Disabling JIRA RSS Feature Page: HowTo: Bulk Clear Resolution Page: JIRA missing class exception org.apache.jsp.secure.views.browser.contentonly_jsp Page: Modifying gadget limit on a dashboard Page: How to set "Name" and "Email" as required fields in the Issue Collector Page: JIRA Server could not be contacted Error when Editing or Creating Issue Page: Could not retrieve users for UserCF error in logfile Page: Viewing Project Summary Versions result in Exception Page: The Scheduler plugin update not working Page: NullPointerException Error Thrown While Trying to Create Sub-Task Page: Auto Watch is disabled automatically Page: JIRA Fails due to Encountered a 403 Forbidden error loading this page Page: JIRA Functionality Fails due to Incompatible magic value 0 in class file Error Page: How to Determine which Projects in JIRA have Anonymous Access Enabled Page: JIRA Missing Class Exception 'AllowOnlyIfTimeEntered' Page: Cannot comment on issues due to [jira.rest.exception.ExceptionInterceptor] Returning internal server error in response due to JIRA Toolkit Plugin Page: Not Found (404) when performing the Bulk Edit Group or editing smtp settings Page: Cannot Edit User Avatar Picture and User Activity Stream is Not Working Correctly Page: User Not Able To View Issues Error No Bean Is Defined Page: NullPointerException at Issue creation Page: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Method invoked on module descriptor after it was destroyed Page: JIRA NullPointerException While Opening Existing Issue Page: No project could be found with id XXXXX Page: "Issue Collector Oops! something went wrong" error Page: How to remove JIRA Announcement Banner through the database Page: How to Search for Highly Voted Issues in JIRA Page: Cannot shutdown JIRA due to NoClassDefFoundError org.apache.lucene.index.CompoundFileWriter Page: Disable comment auto collapse in JIRA Page: How to Get and Update JIRA License String from the Database Page: JIRA Stops working after Disabling or Uninstalling JIRA Service Desk Page: Unable to Delete an Issue with More Than 10,000 Linked Issues Page: How to disable keyboard shortcuts in JIRA Page: Browsing projects throws ProjectRole can not be null error Page: Resolutions and Permissions Missing from Simple Issue Tracking or Software Development Project Page: Security Patch out of date - JIRA Security Advisory 2014-02-26 Page: How to automatically update license in JIRA applications when it expires Page: Commit fails and quick search doesn't work with the error "Commit rejected: No project accepts this commit" Page: Poor performance in JIRA caused by Atlassian Developer Mode -Datlassian.dev.mode=true Page: Creating new project always creates a new issue type scheme Page: Issue links disappear after they are added Page: Error: "The JIRA server was contacted but has returned an error response. We are unsure of the result of this operation" Page: Copy JIRA Project as templates Page: NullPointerException when using OBSS iPhone Client for JIRA Page: How to customise number of "filters" and "recent issues" on JIRA applications Issues menu Page: JS error during UPM self-update when updating from pre-2.16.2 to 2.16.2+ Page: Enable or Disable GOT FEEDBACK button Page: Project Overview page in JIRA returns 500 status Page: How to Restore a Single Attachment to an Issue Page: Unable to browse any projects due to 500 page error Page: CORS in JIRA - Server could not be contacted error during Create Issue modal dialog Page: How to disable Invite User functionality Page: OutOfMemoryError Caused by Large Comments or Descriptions in an Issue Page: Issue Security Levels Locks Issues From All Users Page: How to disable Firebug for JIRA Page: Finding the ID for Issue Types Page: CVS ssh JIRA Integration Page: How to retrieve Favorite Filters for a specific user via database query Page: How to clear the resolution field when the issue is reopened Page: How to configure Comment field to be required in workflow transition Page: How to deactivate comments for closed issues Page: MySQL Data Access Exception - Errcode - 17 occurs with JIRA Page: XML format for import & export files Page: How does the searching during Issue Linking works Page: Could not find valid 'id' or 'name' in object when using the ADD operation for REST API Page: How To Enable JSON Export in JIRA Page: How to only allow certain fields to be editable depending on Status Page: JIRA throws "The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect" when deleting actors from Project Roles via REST API Page: JIRA throws "Could not save attachment data from stream" when attempting to add attachments to issue Page: How to find id for custom field(s)? Page: How to find issues with a specific Fix Version/Affected Version using database query Page: How to remove Side Bar Introduction Page: JIRA throws handshake alert when failing to connect to Subversion repository Page: Unable to View Issue in JIRA after Attaching a PNG File Page: JIRA shows "Configured by OnDemand" in DVCS page Page: JIRA throws MethodInvocationException when viewing History tab Page: Application Link's Pop-up window's button is off the screen Page: How to set certain Issues be read-only to certain groups/roles Page: Spam from Google FeedFetcher requests cause CPU spike