Getting Started with Jira Scale

If you're looking for answers on how to scale Jira applications, you've come to the right place!  

Here are our recommendation of the best way to learn the basics of scaling Jira applications, the options available to you, how to make hardware decisions, and where to get help.


Use the sizing guide for a quick idea of scale

How big of a server do you need? How many instances will you need? Check out our Jira Sizing Guide and get an idea of the configuration you'll need to support the number of users and issues you expect.

If you want to use VMware to run your instance, check out Virtualizing JIRA (JIRA on VMware) for some tips and recommendations.

Learn about how Jira applications scale

We've written Scaling Jira 7.4 to give you an overview of how you can scale a single Jira instance or use our Jira Data Center offering to create a Jira cluster. The guide also has more information on how far customers have scaled Jira, database choices among large Jira customers, and much more.


Understand Jira Federation

Federation, or using multiple Jira instances, is the best way to scale Jira horizontally. The Federating Jira - Managing Multiple Instances guide explains the business, security, and scale reasons why the vast majority of large Jira customers deploy multiple instances.


Try it out yourself!

We want you to have access to the same tools that we do. Create a large Jira instance using the Jira Data Generator, and use our Grinder Performance Tests  to see for yourself!


Contact an Atlassian Partner

We have over 250 Partners worldwide, many of whom have specific expertise in scaling Jira up to and beyond 1 million issues. Check out the Partners page to find an Partner near you with Performance Tuning expertise!

Last modified on Jun 27, 2018

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