Business Continuity Planning for Jira

Ensuring business continuity in the event of a problem, big or small, is crucial for any business. Having the right plans and systems in place can mean the difference between your users being offline for minutes or hours (even days!).

When planning for business continuity for Jira, you should be considering strategies for both high availability and disaster recovery:

High availability

High availability is all about keeping your users online if there are problems within your data center. Jira could have crashed or perhaps that trusty old server that Jira was running on has gone to computer heaven.

Your high availability strategy should allow automatic failover resulting in uninterrupted service to your customers. The following guide describes how Jira Data Center 6.4 can help you achieve high availability.

Learn more: High Availability Guide for Jira

Disaster recovery

A Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to protect you in case your entire data center becomes unavailable. These are uncommon events, but if they occur, can have a catastrophic effect on your business.

To keep Jira online, you will need to have the plans and systems in place, to be able to fail over to a standby server in another location. The following guide describes how you can do this with Jira Data Center 6.4, by setting up and managing a "cold standby" failover site for Jira.

Learn more: Disaster Recovery Guide for Jira


Last modified on Jan 12, 2018

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