Upgrading Insight with Jira Service Management

Insight - Asset Management is part of Jira Service Management Data Center, but it’s also available as a separate app on Atlassian Marketplace so people not ready to upgrade their instances can also get it. This page will help you understand which version of the Marketplace app corresponds to Jira Service Management, and will guide you through some upgrade steps if you’re using this app.


The built-in functionality and the Marketplace app are essentially the same. Here’s how the app’s version corresponds to Jira Service Management:

Jira Service ManagementInsight - equivalent Marketplace app

There were some differences in issues resolved and release timeline in versions 4.15-4.17. Since version 4.18, the built-in functionality and the Marketplace app are aligned.

Upgrading Insight with Jira Service Management

Whether you need to complete any pre-upgrade steps before upgrading Insight or Jira Service Management depends on the Insight version you’re using, so let’s start with checking that.

Step 1: Check your Insight version

To check which Insight version you’re using:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage apps > Manage apps.

  2. Find Insight and expand it to see the version. 

If you’re seeing Insight in versions 9.x, like on the image above, it means that you’re using the built-in Insight functionality in Jira Service Management. You don’t have to take any actions and can safely upgrade.

Step 2: Complete the pre-upgrade steps

Look at the versions below and complete the steps required for your version.

Insight 8.4 or later

You’re good to go. You’re on one of the latest versions and there are no breaking changes.

Insight 8.x - 8.3

Complete these steps before upgrading: Preparing for Insight 8.4

Insight 7.x

View steps for Insight 7.x...
  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Insight 7.x, which is 7.1.4.

  2. Upgrade to Insight 8.3.

  3. Complete these steps: Preparing for Insight 8.4

  4. Upgrade to the latest version of Insight or Jira Service Management, as described below.

Step 3: Upgrade Insight or Jira Service Management

If you completed all the required steps, your app is ready to be upgraded.

  • If you’re looking to just upgrade the Marketplace app to the latest version, upgrade it in Administration > Manage apps > Manage apps.

  • If you’re upgrading Jira Service Management that has the Insight functionality built in, your app will be automatically upgraded.

How to upgrade Insight to specific versions instead of the latest one

When you try to update the app in Manage apps, it will be updated to the latest version, which isn’t a good idea if you need to upgrade through intermediary versions first.

To download and install a specific version:

  1. Check the Version history tab on Marketplace.

  2. Download your version.

  3. In Jira, in Manage apps, click Upload app. Your version will be uploaded and installed.

Last modified on Sep 16, 2021

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