Moving from Server to Data Center

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Atlassian has suitable solutions for your organization: whether you're a current Atlassian Server customer evaluating whether Data Center suits your business, or a new customer deciding between a Server or Data Center deployment.

When should I move to Data Center?

Have a look at the following resources:

Migrating to Data Center

If you are currently running a Server application and want to move to Data Center, this section will help guide you through the process.

Before you begin

It's important to build and follow a plan and to align your organization for moving your application to Data Center.

Migration guides

The following guides provide product-specific information on moving your application to Data Center.

Upgrade your instance to the latest version of Jira Software and follow the steps in Migrating Jira applications to another server.

Migrating to Another Database lays out two methods for moving your content to a Data Center installation. In particular, use Method two if you are migrating a site with more than 500MB of attachments.

Use Bitbucket's own Data Center Migration tool to move your data to a new instance.

Follow the steps in Moving to Crowd Data Center.

Instance consolidation

If you plan to consolidate multiple individual instances into a single Data Center deployment, then see our overview of Atlassian Data Center instance consolidation.

Last modified on Apr 8, 2019

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