Jira Software 9.6.x upgrade notes

Here are some important notes on upgrading to Jira Software 9.6.x.

Upgrading from 8.x to 9.x triggers full Jira reindex that causes some downtime during the process. If you’re on 8.x now, make sure you’ve estimated the downtime and set the best time for the upgrade.

Learn more about how to handle full reindex and estimate downtime

 Upgrade notes

Crowd membership changes batched during full and incremental directory syncs

To improve the performance of Crowd membership changes, we’ve started batching them during full and incremental directory syncs. Besides, the requests for DirectoryManager lookups are now cached to boost the efficiency of the feature.

What’s supported?

During full and incremental directory sync, the following operations are supported:

  • Bulk addition of nested group memberships to a group
  • Bulk removal of nested group memberships from a group
  • Bulk removal of user memberships from a group

Cache App API deprecated

We’ve deprecated the Cache App API endpoint and hidden it behind the com.atlassian.jira.cacheResource dark feature flag. If needed, you can enable it. In future versions, the endpoint will be removed permanently.

Cache App API wasn’t intended to be used to flush all caches and is considered unsafe to be used in a production environment.

You might have used this API endpoint to avoid a full shutdown. But the implication that the endpoint has on Data Center may be equivalent to a full shutdown. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that an underlying issue will be fixed.

Now, for a cache flush event, we recommend performing a full restart. For Data Center, this means you should first shut down all nodes and then restart them.

  End of support announcements

This release does not include any end of support announcements. For the list of supported platforms, see Supported platforms.

 App developers

See Preparing for Jira 9.6 for any important changes regarding apps.

 Upgrade procedure

Upgrading from a Jira version 9.x.x? 

  • See Upgrading Jira applications for complete upgrade procedures, including all available upgrade methods and pre-upgrade steps. 

  • For a more tailored upgrade, go to Jira administration > Applications > Plan your upgrade. We’ll recommend a version to upgrade to, run pre-upgrade checks, and provide you with a custom upgrade guide with step-by-step instructions.
Last modified on Jan 23, 2023

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