Highlighting source code does not allow text to be pasted using Middle Click on Linux versions of Firefox


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Normally, highlighting text within an X11 environment places that text in a copy buffer, which can be extracted by using middle click on the mouse.

In Stash, under certain conditions, highlighting source code does not automatically place the text within the middle mouse copy buffer, but highlighting other elements does work properly.



  • Linux and Firefox 


Stash uses a Javascript library called Codemirror to handle the display of source.  This issue is tracked here, but the underlying issue is that Firefox does not fire a copy event when the DOM element is not being focused (which is incorrect according to spec).  This is being tracked in this bug for Mozilla Firefox.

Resolution or Workaround

There is no workaround at this time, other to use a different browser that handles this properly, such as Chrome.

Last modified on Feb 23, 2016

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