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The following appears in the atlassian-stash.log:

c.a.j.s.w.c.s.JohnsonHttpRequestHandlerServlet HttpRequestHandlerServlet [scmServlet] cannot be initialised to service an incoming request; redirecting to /unavailable


To replicate this issue in a test environment at will do the following:


  • Have a remote repository defined as Stash on your system (or modify the shell scripts below to use an appropriate remote name)
  • Clear out all the old logs from $STASH_HOME/logs
  • Stash is running on a *nix style OS.  If running on Windows change the shell script to appropriately configured batch files
  • Stash is running

Create one of the following shell scripts:

for i in {1..150000}
  echo Fetching from stash
  git fetch stash


for i in {1..150000}
  echo Pulling from stash
  git pull stash

(chmod +x the .sh file to make it executable)

Open two terminal windows to the server.

  1. In Terminal Window A (TWA) start the shell script that you created.
  2. In Terminal Window B (TWB) stop Stash ./
  3. In TWA note that you will start getting "connection refused" messages
  4. In TWB start Stash ./
  5. In TWA the connection refused messages will stop and you will start to get errors saying something about "not valid: is this a git repository". Eventually the messages will return to Fetching/Pulling from Stash. At this point you can stop the shell script (control-c) and then review the atlassian-stash.log


These warning messages are a result of git fetch or git pull commands that are being sent to the the Stash server while Stash is stopping\starting and is not in a state that it can actually process the requests


  • These messages in the log can be safely ignored

Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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