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The following message appears when search through a commit diff:

Your diff is too large to search. Searching the first 10000 lines


Stash is coded to search through the first 10000 lines of a diff by default. Showing more than 10000 diff lines will impact the performance of the browser, due to the way Stash renders the diff tree. This is particularly noticeable in older browsers and Internet Explorer. There is also a smaller impact on the server, due to processing the output of the Git command required to generate the diff, but is less noticeable with moderately larger values.


Please note that increasing the limit is not recommended and will have a performance impact.

  1. Stop Stash.
  2. Add the following property into to increase the limit to 20000 lines (create one if it doesn't exist):


    See Stash config properties for more information.

  3. Restart Stash.
Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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