Universal Plugin Manager 1.2.4 Release Notes


The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) version 1.2.4 is a minor bug fix release for Confluence 3.4 only. The resolved issues are listed below.

UPM 1.2.4 requires dependencies Plugins 2.6.0, SAL 2.2.0, and REST 2.2.0.

All Issues for This Release

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug UPM-1043 UPM is completely broken when your browser is in "Work Offline" mode Ben Woskow Ben Woskow Major Resolved Won't Fix Dec 17, 2010 Dec 20, 2010
Bug UPM-1042 UPM displays "javax.net.SocketFactory" error message instead of useful one when offline causes PAC connection errors Ben Woskow Ben Woskow Major Resolved Fixed Dec 17, 2010 Dec 22, 2010
New Feature UPM-1038 Turn UPM into offline mode Ben Woskow Jörg Herborg Major Resolved Won't Fix Dec 16, 2010 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1035 UPM Purge Policy persists invalid data Robert Smart Robert Smart Major Resolved Fixed Dec 13, 2010 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1022 Plugin upload spins forever, caused by NullPointerException in TokenManagerImpl when token is not found Ryan Talusan Matt Ryall Critical Resolved Fixed Nov 16, 2010 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1021 When uploading a plugin with a pluginsVersion="3" attribute, you are told it is a version 1 plugin Robin Fernandes Nick Pellow Major Resolved Fixed Nov 16, 2010 Dec 21, 2010
Improvement UPM-810 PacExceptionMapper maps any non-404 error to 502 Ben Woskow jkodumal Major Resolved Fixed Jul 27, 2010 Dec 22, 2010
Improvement UPM-599 Unit tests for AuditLogSyndicationResource Robin Fernandes Richard Wallace Major Resolved Fixed Jun 02, 2010 Dec 22, 2010

Last modified on Jul 30, 2012

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