Universal Plugin Manager 2.0.X Release Notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.0.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-1935 Safe mode status & exit safe mode link aren't displayed when in safe mode Blocker Closed Fixed
Support Request UPM-1933 marketplace plugin license not automatically inserted into license section of plugin in UPM Major Resolved Answered
Bug UPM-1906 Problems loading jndi classes Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1890 UPM request waits for one minute before reporting that PAC search failure Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1887 No Try/Buy buttons for Team Calendars or Bonfire Blocker Closed Duplicate
Bug UPM-1885 No try nor buy buttons on install tab in UPM Blocker Closed Not a bug
Bug UPM-1860 UPM update notifications point to a broken link Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1839 UPM notificaiton icon is showing up for non-sys admin admins in jira 5.0.1? Critical Closed Invalid
Improvement UPM-1836 Improved handling of notifications when PAC is unreachable Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1823 UPM manage plugin lists do not appear when PAC is non-responsive/unavailable Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1821 UPM notification icon not showing up in JIRA 5.0 and maybe 4.4 on non upm pages Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1804 Different Blue colours between Headings in UPM and elsewhere in JIRA admin Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1803 The UPM "notifcation" does not play well with the "Project Config" back button Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1791 Notifications javascript error when on demand Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1789 Version in footer is wrong Major Closed Invalid
Bug UPM-1785 "Enable Safe Mode" appears for admin (not sysadmin) Major Closed Cannot Reproduce
Improvement UPM-1782 Add OnDemand override for bundled plugins to be listed as user-installed Blocker Closed Fixed
Task UPM-1779 Submit pull request for Confluence 4.2 to bundle UPM 2.0.3 Major Closed Obsolete
Bug UPM-1778 Missing marketplace-icon-sprite resource when run in standalone product Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1777 Stack Trace from missing resource com.atlassian.upm:notifications:notification-user.mismatch Blocker Closed Fixed
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Last modified on Oct 25, 2012

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