Universal Plugin Manager 1.5 Release Notes

13 June 2011

With great pleasure, the Atlassian integration team presents Universal Plugin Manager 1.5.

Highlights of this release:

  • Work without a connection to the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. The Universal Plugin Manager recognizes a new system property, upm.pac.disable, that will disable the connection to the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. When this property is set to true, the UPM will not try to access the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. See Problems Connecting to the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • See a message about available plugin upgrades. You no longer have to visit the Universal Plugin Manager screens to check for upgrades. Whenever upgrades are available for your installed plugins, you will see a notification on the administration console screens.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-1254 Javascript errors all over the JIRA admin screens from UPM javascript Blocker Resolved Duplicate
Bug UPM-1202 Javascript error when viewing any admin page with minification enabled Blocker Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1189 Port InstallTabTest, UpgradeTabTest, and UpmTabTest UI tests Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-1146 Support upgrade notifications in JIRA 4.4 Critical Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-1145 Plugin upgrade notification text needs plural/singular Major Resolved Fixed
Task UPM-1137 Update UPM documentation with advice on how to upgrade when using an older UPM and there is no internet connection Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1133 Add UI toggle for disabled PAC mode Major Resolved Duplicate
Sub-task UPM-1131 Merge the UPM-1111 bugfix into the right branches & test in the right products Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1130 Add documentation for upm.pac.disable Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1126 Detect and report that PAC is unavailable Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1125 Add system property to disable PAC access Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1124 Local plugin cannot be installed if UPM cannot reach plugins.atlassian.com (PAC) Critical Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1123 Loading plugin details on the Managed Existing tab is slow Major Resolved Fixed
New Feature UPM-1121 Automatic plugin upgrade checking Major Resolved Fixed
New Feature UPM-1119 Upgrade UPM to the latest PAC client Major Resolved Fixed
Task UPM-1116 Update UPM to work with JIra 4.4's new menu structure Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-1113 Fix UI test flappers Major Resolved Fixed
New Feature UPM-1111 Allow UPM to be configured to work entirely offline Critical Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-1104 missing NTLM support for proxy configuraiton Critical Resolved Won't Fix
Bug UPM-1079 Please fix grammar on the UPM installation screen Trivial Resolved Fixed

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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