Universal Plugin Manager 2.4.X Release Notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.4.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-2348 UPM Icons don't render in Stash admin overview Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2339 Base URL check assumes wrong port for HTTPS Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2295 Plugin names are underlined in Stash Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2290 "Find New Plugins" web item is mistitled "Plugin Marketplace" in Bamboo Minor Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2284 Uneven spacing of Update/Cancel buttons in edit license form Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2283 Notifications badge never goes away despite having viewed the menu/clicked the links Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2282 Incognito link is black although other text is gray in Stash Minor Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2279 Double layered text for buy now button in update all box Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2278 z-order is off for dropdown on marketplace page in stash and webitem should be renamed Major Closed Fixed
Improvement UPM-2275 No spacing between buttons and edge of dialog Trivial Closed Won't Fix
Improvement UPM-2272 Wording on Manage Plugins could be better Trivial Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2270 Bad alignment on manage plugins page Minor Closed Fixed
Task UPM-2269 Bump to Stash 1.1.2-rc2 and then 1.1.2-rc3 Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2268 Can't see screenshot "close", "prev" and "next" buttons Minor Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2267 Install button unreadable Minor Closed Duplicate
Bug UPM-2257 Disabled text disappears from module on hover Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2256 UPM should take up full width in Stash Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2254 Plugin notifications do not appear in Stash Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2250 Stash styles are different than what we see in other apps Major Closed Duplicate
Bug UPM-2213 Trim whitespace when installing plugin from URL Minor Closed Fixed
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Last modified on Oct 25, 2012

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