Universal Plugin Manager 2.8.X Release Notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.9.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-3498 Cannot install plugin if configure.url param has newline character Minor Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3466 After uninstalling, only part of the plugin details appear to be grayed-out Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3456 Disabling a plugin in Action Required filter removes the plugin from the list on collapse Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3453 Plugin request e-mail notifications don't identify the originating instance Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3450 Update button should be shown when a trial has already started and an update is available Critical Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3437 Applications.putVersion sends malformed data Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3434 Admin is invited to update UPM and other plugins when they don't have permission to do so Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3433 E-mail notifications for requests go to wrong filter Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3425 "4 outstanding add-on requests" link is broken Blocker Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3412 Add "cancel_callback" parameter to OnDemand license workflow POST Major Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3341 Allow infinite starting/stopping of trials within existing OnDemand trial period Major Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3330 Respect changes to license properties Critical Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3329 Update UPM to POST to new MAC OD URLs Critical Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3326 Properly respond to OD license change events even though license may not have been updated yet Major Closed Fixed
Story UPM-3309 Implement filter design on UPM Manage page Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3244 Flaky test: RemotePluginLicenseServiceIntegrationTest.assertThatPluginWithInvalidAccessWillNotEnablePostInstallation() Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3241 PluginLicenseStore needs to clear caches when JIRA does for testing reloadability Major Closed Fixed
Story UPM-3220 OnDemand P2 add-ons should have Subscribe ability instead of Try and Buy Major Closed Fixed
Story UPM-3211 Enable OnDemand purchase flow for bundled P2 add-ons Major Closed Fixed
Story UPM-3209 E-mail notifications for UPM: Part I Major Closed Fixed
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Last modified on Sep 22, 2015

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