Universal Plugin Manager 2.3.X Release Notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.3.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-2435 UPM plugin assumes a license is present, unfortunate logging on fresh FECRU install Minor Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2138 Progress bar never moves when self-updating Minor Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2136 Self update broken Blocker Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2131 "Show pricing details" link does nothing Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2126 "Installed Version" missing a colon after property tag Trivial Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2123 Don't wrap plugin names if there's still a lot of space Trivial Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2122 Module list in plugin details can't be expanded Critical Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2121 Plugin details on Update Check page have lots of white space Trivial Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2119 Empty bullet point when it should have the Plugin Systems Version there Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2116 Version details on Find New Plugins need more padding Minor Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2103 Install page consistently times out hitting production PAC Blocker Resolved Fixed
New Feature UPM-2098 Add method to plugin license storage lib to determine whether or not environment is OnDemand Trivial Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2097 UPM logo does not have transparency Trivial Resolved Fixed
Task UPM-2094 Update all PAC url references to be marketplace.atlassian.com Minor Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2091 Make sure plugin is expanded before trying to show inline error messages. Critical Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2082 Clicking "Uninstall" brings you to the top of the page Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2080 "You may close this window." Trivial Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2079 Improvements to the Success! modal after installing a plugin Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2078 Modal dialog for add-on with license detected needs title Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-2074 When enable/disable buttons errors out, and you're way down the screen, you can't see the error message above Major Resolved Duplicate
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Last modified on Jul 30, 2012

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