Universal Plugin Manager 2.2.X Release Notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.2.X release.

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-2039 Universal Plugin Manager will not update in JIRA Major Closed Duplicate
Bug UPM-2005 OSGi Loader constraint violation involving upm.api.util.Option after installing a Marketplace plugin and then upgrading UPM to 2.2.3 Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-2003 license postback URL is garbled when app has no context path Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1996 Exception when upgrading to UPM 2.0 in Fisheye Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1995 UPM 2.0+ not compatible with any released versions of FishEye/Crucible. Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1978 Maintenance expired (and nearly maintenance expired) plugins are not offered Renew buttons when they should be Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1974 a macro or pluign being executed by non-admin can not even ask if the license is valid Critical Closed Duplicate
Bug UPM-1973 Entry points in licensed plugins (pre-UPM 2.x) are not accessible to non-administrators Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1967 Plugins web-item is visible to project admins in JIRA and should not be Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1961 License Storage API does not programatically enforce that the current user is an administrator Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1957 Bamboo licenses incorrectly fall back to user counts when remote agent parameter is not present Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1956 Compatibility Plugin is not upgraded when upgrading Marketplace plugin Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1950 UPM web-section for upm_section lacks a label Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1935 Safe mode status & exit safe mode link aren't displayed when in safe mode Blocker Closed Fixed
Task UPM-1932 Implement classloading workaround for marketplace plugins who need to be distributed as OBRs Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1931 UPM self update from banner is broken Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1917 Bamboo plugins are licensed based on user count but should be licensed based on remote agent count Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-1894 Nothing with a dialog works in IE9 Blocker Closed Won't Fix
Bug UPM-1890 UPM request waits for one minute before reporting that PAC search failure Critical Closed Fixed
Task UPM-1889 Test various PAC offline/down scenarios Critical Closed Fixed
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Last modified on Jul 30, 2012

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