Universal Plugin Manager 1.3.2 Release Notes


The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) version 1.3.2 is a new minor release fixing many issues mostly to do with the UI.

UPM 1.3.2 requires dependencies Plugins 2.6.0, SAL 2.2.0, and REST 2.2.0.

All Issues for This Release

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug UPM-1089 UPM does not work in Confluence 3.5 if proxy server requires authentication Ryan Talusan halatas Major Resolved Obsolete Mar 24, 2011 Apr 06, 2011
Bug UPM-1083 UPM's Bamboo data version is out-of date aragot aragot Major Resolved Fixed Mar 08, 2011 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1081 Wrong message appears when no user-installed plugins are installed aragot Ben Woskow Major Resolved Fixed Mar 06, 2011 Mar 31, 2011
Task UPM-1075 Make a release of UPM 1.3 branch Olli Nevalainen Joseph Walton Major Resolved Fixed Feb 21, 2011 Apr 06, 2011
Sub-task UPM-1073 Backend changes to tell if product version is not in PAC cjerozal cjerozal Minor Resolved Fixed Feb 18, 2011 Mar 10, 2011
Task UPM-1070 Upgrade JIRA version cjerozal cjerozal Major Resolved Fixed Feb 16, 2011 Mar 10, 2011
Bug UPM-1069 UPM does not use proxy if http.proxyPort parameter is not specified Ian Grunert ahempel Minor Resolved Fixed Feb 14, 2011 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1068 OBR installation from OBR generated by AMPS fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Alison Winterflood David Peterson Critical Resolved Fixed Feb 10, 2011 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1063 UPM shows empty message for a plugin awaiting restart Brian McKenna Andreas Knecht Major Resolved Fixed Feb 06, 2011 Mar 10, 2011
Bug UPM-1061 UPM configuration value can exceed Bandana field length limit Ian Grunert Niraj Bhawnani Critical Resolved Fixed Jan 31, 2011 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1058 UPM needs to be more defensive around borked plugin keys cjerozal Brad Mallow Major Resolved Fixed Jan 20, 2011 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1029 Mousing over modules in UPM in non-IE browsers gives layout problems Steve Haffenden Andreas Knecht Major Resolved Fixed Dec 13, 2010 Dec 19, 2013
Bug UPM-1028 UPM pages are not keyboard-accessible Steve Haffenden Andreas Knecht Major Resolved Fixed Dec 13, 2010 Dec 19, 2013
Improvement UPM-964 Check URI scheme before d/l attempt Alison Winterflood jkodumal Major Resolved Fixed Aug 31, 2010 Mar 08, 2011

Last modified on Jul 30, 2012

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