Bitbucket Data Center and Server 7.14 release notes

22 June 2021

Introducing Bitbucket Data Center 7.14.

Highlights include:

Enhanced integration with Jira Software Cloud


Bitbucket Data Center can now send enhanced development information to your Jira Software Cloud site. 

The new integration with Jira Software Cloud enables Bitbucket to not only send development info such as branches, commits, and pull requests, but to also gain access to new automation and reporting features in Jira Software Cloud, such as:

  • calculating Cycle time metrics - the time that you take work to get from the first commit on a branch to production.

  • linked Bitbucket repositories are displayed in the Jira Software Cloud's code tab for quick and easy access.

  • triggering Automation for Jira events - these include Branch created, Commit created, Pull request created, Pull request declined, and Pull request merged. If you haven’t linked your Jira and Bitbucket accounts, you will be prompted to do so the first time you use these triggers.

Learn more about integrating with Jira Software Cloud

Required builds merge check


Continuous Integration is a fundamental process to ensure code quality and to enforce governance policies surrounding what can go into production. Maintaining governance rules can be tricky. This is due to the fact that related controls lie in different tools which further requires custom tooling, scripts, or a combination of plugins to provide the integrated controls. The results are operational and maintenance overhead for development teams.  

With the new required builds merge check, Bitbucket Data Center repository admins now have more flexibility and control over pull requests that are being merged into important destination branches.

Select which builds must pass to merge to specified branches, as well as select which source branches should be excluded from these checks. For example, you could allow urgent fixes to skip build checks by adding the Branch pattern hotfix-*, which would allow any branch starting with hotfix- to be merged without a successful build.

Using required builds provides a simple but powerful interface to ensure governance. And since these rules are closer to the development teams, there is more visibility when these conditions are not met. This is likely to result in quicker action to fix the associated problems. 

add required builds form

For more details on adding a required builds merge check, see Checks for merging pull requests.

What else is new?

  • You can now access tools and tips to help you deal with unwanted data in one handy page. Go to  > Clean up to check it out.
  • In Bitbucket Data Center 7.13, we brought you Advanced repository management where you can access an entire list of repositories in your instance. In this release, we've added their size and a size filter to the Repositories page so that admins can more easily manage them.

Updates to supported platforms

Bitbucket 7.14 now includes support for running:

  • PostgreSQL 13
  • Git 2.32 for server

Get ready to upgrade

Before upgrading from an earlier version, check out our upgrade guide and upgrade matrix. Remember to renew your active software maintenance license too. 

Renew Bitbucket now

As part of our new pull request experience from version 7.0 and higher, we have created a collection of new features for you to check out on one page, Enhancements to your code review workflow.

Change log

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.14.2

Released 15 December 2021

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.14.1

Released 8th July 2021

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.14

Released 22 June 2021 

T Key Summary

Last modified on Dec 16, 2021

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