Bitbucket Server 7.6 release notes

15 September 2020

We're excited to present Bitbucket Server and Data Center 7.6.

Highlights include:

Bitbucket Server and Data Center 7.6 is a Long Term Support release 

This means we’ll continue to backport critical security and product bug fixes to 7.6 throughout its standard 2-year support window. In addition, when architecturally possible, we’ll also backport all other security bug fixes.

This allows you to get the maximum value from our continuous product development without strictly keeping up with the frequent release cadence.

Long Term Support releases (formerly known as Enterprise releases (ER)) are designed specifically for larger, more complex instances – ones that require significant planning and effort to upgrade. We understand that upgrades for such instances can be few and far between, and so every one needs to count.  So if you can manage only one feature release upgrade every year, make sure it is to the latest Long Term Support release.
See the Atlassian Server Bug Fix and Security Bug Fix policies for more information.

Long Term Support Release roundup

It's been just over 8 months since Bitbucket Server and Data Center 6.10 was designated our first Long Term Support release. In that time we've shipped a huge amount of value:

Next-level enterprise features for Data Center

Security, compliance, and governance
  • Advanced auditing gives you the visibility and security-relevant digital records needed to help demonstrate compliance, strengthen security, and improve workflow.

  • Control over who can delete repositories helps you secure your data via a new Global Permissions policy.

  • Push logs that allow admins to track every push to a specific branch in a repository (also available in Server).

  • Expiring personal access tokens to help you to secure short-lived integrations and comply with token rotation requirements. (also available in Server).

Advanced user management

An enhanced developer experience

  • Integrated CI/CD with two new ways to get continuous feedback on code - the Builds page and the Builds tab - designed to help you avoid switching tools. Now when you integrate your instance with Bamboo, Jenkins, or another CI server, you’ll see build results and additional related info on these two pages, right next to your code where it's most valuable.

  • New pull request experience that makes code reviewing smoother and more enjoyable with improvements such as: 

    • 2x faster content loading while switching between diffs

    • better collaboration by commenting anywhere

    • syntax highlighting in the diff view

  • Task improvements that include the ability to create tasks without having to write a comment first.

  • View hidden comments for more context on why code has changed throughout a pull request, such as a file’s activity stream showing comments that are outdated or appear on another diff, and replying or reacting to outdated comments the same way you can from the overview tab.

  • Pull request filtering makes it easier to find a pull request by refining your search.

  • A new webhook, Source Branch updated, for source branch updates in a pull request.

  • Prioritization of exact name matches when searching for a branch by its name.

  • And much more!

All in all we've resolved around 150 issues since 6.10. For a bird's eye view of all the changes, check out the Bitbucket Server 7.6 Long Term Support release Change Log

So what can you expect from Bitbucket 7.6?  We're devoted to raising the already high bar we’ve set for quality, stability, and performance. We’ve focused on thorough testing and hardening of Bitbucket’s existing features to let you focus on planning your upgrade. Whether you choose a Long Term Support release or a standard feature release, always remember to grab the most recent bug fix version to make sure your Bitbucket instance is the best it can be. 

Get ready to upgrade

Before upgrading from an earlier version, check out our upgrade guide and upgrade matrix. Remember to renew your active software maintenance license too. 

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