Bitbucket Data Center and Server 7.21 release notes

02 March 2022

We're excited to announce that the Bitbucket Data Center 7.21 Long Term Support release is now available.

Bitbucket Data Center and Server 7.21 is a Long Term Support release 

This means we’ll continue to backport critical security and product bug fixes to 7.21 throughout its standard 2-year support window. In addition, when architecturally possible, we’ll also backport all other security bug fixes.

This allows you to get the maximum value from our continuous product development without strictly keeping up with the frequent release cadence.

Long Term Support releases are designed specifically for larger, more complex instances – ones that require significant planning and effort to upgrade. We understand that upgrades for such instances can be few and far between, and so every one of them needs to count. So, if you can manage only one feature release upgrade every year, make sure it is to the latest LTS release.
See the Atlassian Data Center and Server Bug Fix Policy  and  Security Bug Fix  policies for more information.

Long Term Support release roundup

It's been about 5 months since Bitbucket Server and Data Center 7.17 was released as a Long Term Support release. In that time we've shipped a huge amount of value:

All in all, we've resolved over 50 issues since 7.17. For an overview of all the changes, check out the Long Term Support Release Change Log

So what can you expect from Bitbucket 7.21? We're devoted to raising the already high bar we’ve set for quality, stability, and performance. We’ve focused on thorough testing and hardening of Bitbucket’s existing features to let you focus on planning your upgrade. Whether you choose a Long Term Support release or a standard feature release, always remember to grab the most recent bug fix version to make sure your Bitbucket instance is the best it can be. 

Also available now

Support for OpenSearch

In this release, we’ve added support for using OpenSearch as a search server for Bitbucket. OpenSearch began as a fork of Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and is an open-source alternative to Elasticsearch, which has had its licenses changed. We will continue to support using Elasticsearch.

Customers running their own external search server have the option to either continue using Elasticsearch or alternatively use OpenSearch. Customers using bundled Elasticsearch will be automatically upgraded to bundled OpenSearch 1.2.4.

If you are upgrading to Bitbucket 7.21 and using bundled Elasticsearch, this will result in a full search re-index.

For details on supported search server versions, see Supported platforms.

Be better prepared when you upgrade to Bitbucket 8.0

Windows support will end in 8.0

As previously announced, Bitbucket 7.21 is the last release that supports Bitbucket hosting on Windows. We’ll have a guide available for you to migrate from Windows to Linux if you need it.

H2 database migration requirement

When upgrading to 8.0, and using the H2 database, you’ll have to migrate the on-disk database file from PageStore format to MvStore format. Instructions on how to do this will be available with the Bitbucket 8.0 release.

Elasticsearch supported version changes

Bitbucket 8.0 will no longer support Elasticsearch 5.x, Elasticsearch 6.x, or Elasticsearch versions lower than 7.10.2. Customers running an external search server will need to use a supported version of Elasticsearch 7.10.2 or higher, or OpenSearch 1.2.4 or higher with Bitbucket 8.0. If a search server upgrade is required, this can be done before upgrading to Bitbucket 8.0 (e.g. Bitbucket 7.21 could be used with an external OpenSearch 1.2.4 server, and then later, Bitbucket can be upgraded to 8.0).

Deprecation of legacy hook scripts

In preparation for Bitbucket 8.0, we’re deprecating legacy hook scripts: customer hook scripts stored in the hooks/pre-receive.d or hooks/post-receive.d directories inside the git repositories on the Bitbucket instance. The existing Java API and SPI for hooks and hook scripts used by add-ons are not changing. We’ll provide a guide to help you migrate your legacy hook scripts to a replacement mechanism (currently under development).

Minimum git version

Bitbucket 8.0 will require git 2.31 or higher.

You don’t need to wait for Bitbucket 8.0 to upgrade, as Bitbucket 7.21 supports up to git 2.35.

Get ready to upgrade

Before upgrading from an earlier version, check out our upgrade guide and upgrade matrix. Remember to renew your active software maintenance license too. 

Renew now

As part of our new pull request experience from version 7.0 and higher, we have created a collection of new features for you to check out on one page, Enhancements to your code review workflow.

Change log

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.21.5

Released 18 September 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.21.4

Released 21 August 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.21.3

Released 17 July 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.21.2

Released 8 June 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.21.1

Released 5 May 2022

T Key Summary

Resolved issues in Bitbucket Server 7.21.0

Released 1 March 2022

T Key Summary

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