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In January 2018, we introduced Enterprise releases. These are designated feature releases that will continue to receive backported security updates and critical bug fixes throughout the standard 2-year support windowThis allows you to get the maximum value from our continuous product development without strictly keeping up with the frequent release cadence.

Our Enterprise releases are designed specifically for larger, more complex instances – ones that require significant planning and effort to upgrade. We understand that upgrades for such instances can be few and far between, and so every upgrade needs to count.  So if you can manage only one feature release upgrade every year, make sure you upgrade to the latest Enterprise release.

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Frequently asked questions

We put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Enterprise releases.

What are all of these different release types, and how are they different?

Every Atlassian product has three different release types: PlatformFeature, and Bug fix. They're described in greater detail in Release terminology, but you can easily differentiate them by their version number.

Here's how it works:


Confluence 6.8.0 is the latest version available. We discover a bug that affects all 6.7 and 6.8 versions. The fix is made available in the next bug fix release, which in this case would be 6.8.1. Customers running 6.7.3, for example, would need to upgrade to 6.8.1, as we do not backport bug fixes.

We shift most of our engineering efforts towards improving on the latest feature release. This is why we recommend always upgrading to the latest feature release whenever possible.

How is an Enterprise release different from other release types?

Simply put, an Enterprise release is a special type of feature release – both receive updates in the form of bug fix releases, and they're both supported for two years from initial release. The main difference between them is that an Enterprise release gets bug fix releases throughout its two-year support window. 

Atlassian products have multiple feature releases within the same year. Older feature releases no longer receive bug fix releases, as we focus on updating the latest feature release. 

However, not everyone can upgrade at this rate. If you're part of a larger, more complex businesses, you'll likely have an instance that requires significant planning and effort to upgrade. Between the time it takes to plan and execute an upgrade, a new feature release is usually shipped. This was problematic in the past, as we don't produce bug fix releases for older feature releases.

Enterprise releases helps address this with the assurance of fixes for critical bugs and security issues, regardless of whether a newer feature release is already out. This gives you the option to stay on a Enterprise release throughout its two-year support window, waiting only until the next Enterprise release is out.

Do Enterprise releases apply to both Server and Data Center?

Yes. Enterprise releases are available for both Server and Data Center.

Should I install an Enterprise release or the latest feature release?

It depends on how long you intend to stay on a specific release before you can upgrade.

The latest feature release will always contain the most up-to-date features and bug fixes. We always recommend customers upgrade to the latest feature release, to take advantage of the full value the product has to offer. 

Atlassian products have several feature releases in a year – for example, Jira Software releases a new feature release every 6 weeks. This allows us to deliver improvements and fixes incrementally to customers, but it also means you'll need to keep up with this pace to guarantee that you'll get access to the newest features and updates – including fixes for critical bugs and security issues. 

If you can only upgrade to a new feature release about once a year, then we recommend using the latest Enterprise release. Every Enterprise release will continue to receive fixes for critical bugs and security issues throughout its two-year support window.

In the example below, version 4.2 has been designated an Enterprise release. The number of bug fix releases and timing illustrated below is just an example, your product's release cadence may differ.

How are critical bug fixes and security updates delivered to Enterprise releases?

Each Enterprise release is updated in the same way as any feature release: namely, with bug fix releases


Let's assume Confluence 6.8.0 is the latest release. We discover a critical stability bug that affects all 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 versions and the latest 6.8 version. The fix is made available in the next bug fix release (6.8.1), and also backported to the Enterprise release (6.6.5). To get the fix, you would need to upgrade to either 6.6.5 or 6.8.1.

For customers running the 6.6 Enterprise release, it is a simple upgrade to the next bug fix version. For customers running 6.5 or 6.7, it would involve a more significant upgrade.

Ultimately, this means that throughout its two-year support window, an Enterprise release will get more bug fix releases than an ordinary feature release.

Will I know in advance if a feature release will eventually be designated as an Enterprise release?

Yes. At the time we ship a feature release, we'll announce if it will be designated as an Enterprise release later on (specifically, in an upcoming bug fix release). This will enable you to start forming an upgrade plan ahead of time.

Each product will have one feature release each year designated as an Enterprise release.

Once you declare a feature release as an Enterprise release, which exact version (as in, bug fix release) should I upgrade to? 

The Enterprise release designation applies to the entire feature release. So if you're planning to upgrade to an Enterprise release, always upgrade to its latest available bug fix release. 


Confluence 6.6 is an Enterprise release. When upgrading to 6.6, choose the latest bug fix release (for example, 6.6.4), as that contains the latest fixes. 

What kind of updates will be applied to an Enterprise release?

Enterprise releases will get critical fixes backported from later feature releases. These include security updates (see Security Bug Fix Policy) and critical bug fixes addressing stability, data integrity, and performance (see Atlassian Bug Fixing Policy).

How long will you support each Enterprise release?

We support Enterprise releases for two years after release, similar to feature releases. See the Atlassian Support End of Life Policy for more details. 

Where can I learn more about Enterprise releases? 

Last modified on Apr 21, 2020

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