Customizing Bamboo headers

Starting from version 7.0, you can customize your Bamboo instance’s look and feel. You can change the color of Bamboo header, the Create button, set a custom logo in Bamboo header, and set a custom favicon. This can come in handy when navigating among multiple Bamboo instances or if you want to introduce your own branding in Bamboo.

Before you begin

To change the logo and favicon in Bamboo, you must have access to the Bamboo home folder.

To customize Bamboo header

  1. Go to cogwheel iconSystem > Look and feel.
  2. To customize Bamboo logo or favicon:
    1. Place your image and icon files in the following directory:

      The image file name must be bamboo-logo.png.
      The icon file name must be bamboo-favicon.ico.
    2. Refresh you web browser cache.

  3. To customize Bamboo colors:
    1. Select the Bamboo header color from the color picker, or insert a hexadecimal color value.
  4. Select Save.
Last modified on Jul 27, 2021

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