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Bamboo best practice - system requirements. 

Atlassian Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) and deployment server. Bamboo assists software development teams by providing:

  • automated building and testing of software source-code status.
  • updates on successful and failed builds.
  • reporting tools for statistical analysis.

Please see the following pages for information about getting started with Bamboo: 

1. Install and start Bamboo  

See one of:

Once it's started, you can access Bamboo in your browser at http://localhost:8085/.

2. Set up notifications

Bamboo can send build result notifications using:

3. Get building with Bamboo

Bamboo has the concept of a 'plan' to look after the configuration for a build. So, to run your first build, you create and run a plan:

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9 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Jason Faulkner

    What about Getting started with PHP and Bamboo??

    There are a few standard build, test, deploy standards like Phing, PHPUnit, such as php copy/paste detector (phpcpd)PHP Mess DetectorPHP_Depend and PHP CodeSniffer to name a few.

    I'm evaluating Bamboo and started a Build project by adding a "task" and selected PHPUnit, but Bamboo says "No agents meet the job's requirements". I wouldn't expect to get error messages just by selecting standard Bamboo tasks.....very confusing for those new to CI.

    30 Jan 2014
  2. User avatar

    Nathan Pye [Atlassian]

    Hi Jason,

    We're currently working on some enhanced PHP and Phing functionality. Please stay tuned, and we will hope to have something for you soon.

    In this case, it looks like you need to add a PHPUnit capability so that Bamboo knows where to look for the build capability. Head to:

    Bamboo admin > Server capabilities

    Under the Add capability section, at the bottom of the page, add a PHPUnit/PHPUnit 3.3.x Executable type. Bamboo should then find the capability to complete your build.



    30 Jan 2014
    1. User avatar

      Jason Faulkner

      Nathan Pye [Atlassian] - Thanks for the prompt response.

      We're currently working on some enhanced PHP and Phing functionality. Please stay tuned

      That sounds great but,.....are you able to give an indication of when? 1 week, 6 months, 2 years??

      My evaluations are now, and if announcements are 6 months out we'd be looking at Jenkins, et al. So any indications will help.

      Thanks, Jason

      31 Jan 2014
    1. User avatar

      maxime lavoie


      Do you have some news for php dev ?

      31 Jul 2014
    1. User avatar

      Heiko Hardt

      Hi Nathan, are there some news for php test tools?

      Thanks in advance

      31 Jul 2014
  3. User avatar

    Jason Faulkner

    Bamboo admin > Server capabilities

    Also, this menu item does not exist in Bamboo OnDemand ??

    31 Jan 2014
  4. User avatar


    I need to begin evaluating Bamboo for my python Django platform. How should I start. Things are not very much clear for a person new to Bamboo


    13 Feb 2014
    1. User avatar

      Nathan Pye [Atlassian]


      There are is currently no specific support for Python/Django in Bamboo - in particular there are no native testing modules. This doesn't mean that you can't use Bamboo for managing Python - we use it here for a number of scripts, and do this using the script task to call the python executable:

      Native Python support is on the roadmap for the future, but I can't give any certain dates at the moment.

      I hope that this helps a bit.



      13 Feb 2014
  5. User avatar

    Manoj Balamurugan

    HI Friends,

    Is Bamboo technique working in .Net Applications????????

    11 Mar 2014
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