Rerunning a failed stage

If a stage has failed in your build, you can choose to rerun the stage (with exactly the same data) instead of the entire plan.

To rerun a stage:

  1. Navigate to the failed build result, as described on Viewing a build result.
  2. Choose Run > Rerun all failed Jobs to run the stage again.

Note that:

  • Only failing jobs will be re-run.
  • Subsequent stages will be executed automatically, unless they are manual stages.
  • You might want to add a comment to the build result to record the reason for failure. The existing build result will be overwritten (Bamboo will not create a new build) and the previous failure reason will not be retained.
  • For plans based on a Subversion repository, you can only rerun the failed job or the whole plan.

Screenshot: Rerunning a failed stage

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4 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Oliver Pereira

    Unfortunately there is no option to re-run a failed parameterised stage with updated parameters.

    For e.g. I have setup a manual stage to deploy a war to a weblogic server and I have setup a dummy password as a plan variable, which I change when I run the job.

    If I put the wrong password the stage fails and there is no way to correct the password before executing the stage once again.

    21 Nov 2012
    1. User avatar

      Mike Curwen NL

      I've just discovered this myself.  lazyweb:  is there an existing JIRA ticket for this? 

      25 Mar 2014
  2. User avatar

    matt kocaj

    Can I set up some sort of condition to automatically rerun specified stages to a maximum of x number of times?

    28 Nov 2013
    1. User avatar

      Armen Khachatryan [Atlassian]

      Hi Matt,

      Currently Bamboo doesn't have such a feature. Feel free to raise a new feature request on


      02 Dec 2013
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