Running a plan build manually

Typically in Bamboo, your build plans are configured to be automatically triggered when code changes are committed to the working repository, or according to a schedule.

However, there can be scenarios where you do not want the plan to be automatically triggered:

  • The plan should only ever be run manually.
  • You want to choose the revision of the default repository that should be used for the build.
  • You want to run a customized build, so as to override global variables or plan variables.
  • You want to select particular manual stages to run.
  • You want the plan to be triggered by other plans that build successfully first.
This page describes how to run a plan build manually, and the options available when running a customized plan build.

Running a plan build manually

To start a plan build manually:

  1. Locate the relevant plan on the Dashboard.

  2. Select the run icon () for the plan.

Alternatively, if you are viewing the plan, simply select the Run menu.

Running a customized manual build

If you trigger a plan build manually, you can customize the following aspects of how the plan is run (when these are available):

  • Select the revision of the default repository that should be used.
  • Override any global variables or plan variables with your own parameters when triggering a build manually. This is referred to as running a parameterized plan build.
  • Select which manual stages to run, if manual stages have been configured for the plan.

To run a customized plan build:

  1. Locate the relevant plan on the Dashboard.
  2. Select the plan name to go to the Plan summary.
  3. Select Run > Run customized....
  4. Customize the following aspects of the plan:


    Select a repository revision to use for the build.

    Note that:

    • You can only select revisions from the default repository.
    • The build is not included in plan statistics or telemetry.
    • SVN repositories use the revision number
    • Perforce projects use the changelist number
    • Git repositories use the changeset number
    • Mercurial repositories use the tag

    Note for Subversion repositories that make use of externals

    When running a build with a custom revision on a Subversion repository with externals, Bamboo will
    choose the latest revision in the external repository. This is because Subversion externals always use the latest
    version and cannot be fixed at a specific revision. 

    Verbose modeAllow Bamboo to log additional information, like logs from various VCS and environment variables, during your build.
    Build VariablesSelect Override a variable for another variable to override.
    StagesSelect the stages that should be run.
  5. Select Run.

Customized build configuration screen

Last modified on May 26, 2021

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